Stylish Walking Sandals for Women

Stylish Walking Sandals for Women

Get stylish walking sandals for women in todays hottest styles and colors. Check out attractive strappy sandals, dressy walking sandals, comfortable gladiator sandals and other cute walking sandals in todays hottest styles and colors.

Get this essential footwear for the summer travel season. Stylish walking sandals are a musthave for sightseeing on vacation, street festivals, state fairs, trips to the amusement park, and anytime the weathers hot and you know youll be on your feet all day. Theres no need to settle for grandma shoes just because you want your feet to be comfortable. All these ladies walking sandals are cute and trendy.

Thanks to ECCO, even sensible shoe wearers like me can be stylish. ECCO has managed to make a strappy walking sandal thats cute and comfortable for all day wear.

For a comfort sandal with style try this smart ECCO Groove Tstrap. My feet love the directinjected soles, a process unique to ECCO that produces an anatomically correct sole with maximum flexibility and light weight.

The leather, perforated footbed will keep your feet cool, and the ankle strap with a buckle fastener will keep your feet in place.

This versatile shoe is just begging to be worn with a sundress, or with whatever you wear in warm weather whether it be shorts, slacks, or skirts. Pack these shoes for your next vacation, and forget about your foot troubles! I travel with ECCO sandals myself!

Im partial to ECCO, because its one of the top names in walking shoes. ECCO measures feet using Freedom Fit, which means the shoe fist snug in the heel and wider in the toe box where we always want more room. When your toes are allowed to spread as you walk, they better support your weight.

Unlike regular soles, ECCOs direct inject soles flex and move with your feet because the shoe upper and sole are made as one piece, as opposed to the sole being stitched or glued on separately.

Theyre super flexible and dont require breaking in, so they make comfortable travel sandals for vacation. I always pack a pair when I travel. Theyre my favorite stylish walking sandals!

The style: Rich, supple leather with metal stud accents in a trendy gladiator style.

The comfort: Your feet rest on a leather insole over Softwalks egg crate footbed which supports pressure points and gently massages your feet. An adjustable ankle strap ensures a personalized fit.

I love Cognaccolor leather. I go crazy for it in coats, handbags, and of course, in shoes. It goes with everything, but its a change of pace from basic black. And theres just something richlooking about it, that makes the leather look more expensive than it is.

Selecting Right Call Center Solution

Selecting Right Call Center Solution

VoIP Call Center Solutions improve the productivity of call centers in many verticals. These allow any size call center the benefits of large call centers. The agents get the information in one click window / client instantly, supervisors are able to monitor easily and help customers to be served better exceeding their expectations. Several types of VoIP call center solutions are available in market. One such solution is Obelyx.

Benefits Of Hosted Call Center Solutions like Obelyx allows VoIP Contact Centers to :

?Have customer relationship management as part of the VoIP call center solution that improves the quality of customer service, by providing the information needed instantly on the agents PC.

?Allows agents to increase the talk time by using predictive dialers to skip over answering machine and fax tones. This increases the agent productivity and no additional agents are needed to handle the telemarketing phones.

? Increase revenues by reducing Capex on call center equipment.

?With hosted call center solution the training can be either broadcasted or given while agent is on call using whisper functionality.

?Increase customer satisfaction by prompt and knowledgeable service with skills based routing or transferring the calls to supervisor or appropriate agents to ensure higher level of service.

?Facilitate complex call center functions by providing the necessary tools to call customers add customer information in database and use dialers like auto dialers and predictive dialers to have higher returns.

Quotes On How To Deal With Difficult People

Quotes On How To Deal With Difficult People

We all have to deal with difficult people from time to time. Perhaps it is a noisy neighbor or a bossy coworker. Fortunately, we can draw from the wisdom of the ages to help us gain inspiration. With this in mind, here are some quotes on how to deal with difficult people.

Dealing with negative criticism is the hardest. As Sydney B. Simon once wrote in Negative Criticism, I defy anyone reading this book to tell me that she or he has ever felt indifferent, let alone uplifted, enriched, cheered up, or enhanced when put on the receiving end of a blast of criticism.

Another of Mr. Simons quotes: Thousands upon thousands of us fail to recognize that the knives of negative criticism which people stick in us are just as sharp and deadly as those made of steel and borne by assassins. our society has somehow conditioned us to accept the notion that criticism of all sorts is bound to be good for us. That it will make us more mature. That one of the marks of being a grown up woman or man is the ability to absorb all sorts of critical jabs, barbs, and thrusts. That the more it hurts the better for us.

Its true that many people refuse to listen to completely justified criticism. However, we are being drowned by the selfhelp rules that we must always listen to criticism because it is a gift from people who care about us!

Perhaps sometimes, but not ALWAYS!

The people who are so quick to point out the importance of listening to constructive criticism forget the flipside; that negative people can use negative and destructive criticism as a powerful weapon to break us down!

J. the invalidator actually feels inferior to some other person, so he or she tries to make the other person feel small. Thus, the invalidator can control the victim. everything you do is bad. and the criticizer feels compelled to tell you all about it, even if you dont want to hear it.

I cover much more about this in my complete overcoming shyness system. Learn more about this breakthrough system at Shy Facts

People Skills Win Over Knowledge

People Skills Win Over Knowledge

It a lot harder to talk about a subject or event that is flat out earthborn boring, or intimidating. Like the time I was asked to a rather posh dinner where the entr was a scientific discussion of nuclear energy.

My dessert would be persuading these brilliant men and women to think I was smart enough to understand at least part of what they were talking about. If they trusted and liked me, my dessert would be fullfat whipped cream on top of chocolate souffl I getting ahead of myself.

With a curling iron in one hand and phone in the other I quipped to my mom, will be scarysmart people there, all speaking in subparticles. I don speak subparticle. Smashing atoms is way above my resume level. wise woman came right back with great life and business advice. you have to do is be who you are, smile, listen, be curious, and share your unique stories. Mom was right.

No one asked me if I had a PhD or even where I attended college.

Ironically, they were curious about my work. Before long I found myself smack in the middle of several conversations, asking questions that helped me build rapport and trust. I left with a fist full of business cards, an armload of ideas for reporting on one of the world most complicated and controversial subjects, and the satisfaction that my knowledge was far less important than my ability to relate to people and get them to share their expertise with me.

People Skills Trump Knowledge

In these a job my job tough economic times, being able to communicate with ease, confidence, and clarity is like holding Julia Child secret recipe for chocolate souffl at a cooking contest.

In a recent survey by Accountemps published in USA Today People Skills proved to be the deciding factor for landing the job:

CFOs were asked, two candidates interviewing for an accounting or finance position had similar skills, which one of the following additional qualifications would you find most valuable? Their responses:

Personality or people skills 2004: 1%

Personality or people skills 2009: 31%

You may believe that some people are born communicators, gifted with charisma, poise and the ability to charm even the most jaded boss. In reality, charisma, poise and the ability to charm and communicate clearly, can be developed.

Ronald Reagan was not born talking to a camera or persuading audiences to believe him. He developed his people skills. We learn while still in diapers, that if we look right in the eyes of our parents, listen and repeat what we hear, and smile a lot, that we will be rewarded with adoration and applause. It is never too late to become adored, or at least well liked.

Forget rewriting your resume.

Ditch the ubiquitous, and boring powerpoint ideas.

Develop your people skills.

Smile, be warm, and approachable. Smiles and warmth put the receiver at ease. They disarm and bring a positive feeling to meetings. Smiles tell our bosses or potential bosses that we are open and easy to be around. Being approachable creates trust and rapport. It helps build strong relationships with colleagues. Listening is a huge compliment to the speaker. It shows respect. It says that you are interested in what he or she has to say. Most important, your response, based on what you just heard, gives you the opportunity to then naturally build your credibility, and create rapport.

Communicate clearly and concisely using a lot of PhD words will only bring you the label of Clearly and concisely communicating your ideas with common words and clarity gets buyin and understanding.

Be enthusiastic if you do not talk enthusiastically about your idea, or field of expertise, you can make anyone else love your idea either.

Be curious what is the company vision, what can you do to solve problems and bring new ideas to fruition? Showing interest in the company future sends a message of wanting to grow, lead and understand.

Developing people skills is like putting money in the workrelationships bank. It will pay you enough dividends that you can afford to book a table at your favorite expensive restaurant. She is an award winning journalist and former news director. She is also a highly soughtafter media coach who travels around the world coaching news anchors and reporters.

Nclex Help

Nclex Help

NCLEX is an abbreviation for the National Council Licensure Examination. Anyone who hopes to become a registered nurse must pass this exam created by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, or NCSBN. This test is difficult, comprehensive, and, not surprisingly, requires a great deal of preparation in order to pass. Understandably, many nursing students worry about passing this exam, spending many weeks, months, or even years studying for it.

Ironically, what often inadvertently adds to the anxiety around taking the NCLEX are the study materials themselves. NCLEX study manuals can be extremely long, bewildering, and intimidating to students preparing for the NCLEX. In fact, some nursing students become so intimidated by the study materials that they lose confidence altogether. They may postpone their test dates and even, in some cases, abandon their studies altogether.

A great mass of information isnt helpful in the long run if it isnt logically organized for optimum learning. Instead, it just becomes confusing, mind numbing, and even frightening. Todays nursing students come from all walks of life, many with already demanding schedules and lives. Many are single parents with full or parttime jobs, which are challenging enough circumstances in themselves.

Fortunately, a new breed of NCLEX study materials has come along that fits right into the busy lifestyle of hardworking nursing students. These study guides accurately condense hundreds of pages of information into a fraction of the quantity. The user friendliness of these new study materials makes studying for the NCLEX a less painful and more productive process.

How To Teach Self

How To Teach Self

In writing, it is important that you know how to edit your own work. The best thing that you can teach your student is to see their own mistakes in their writing. Editing is essential in every writing work. Editing allows cleaning and removing unnecessary elements on your writing. It gives way to corrections on grammar, sentence structure, word choice, spelling and punctuations. Editing gives assurance of an excellent written material.

Teach your students to analyze written material. One way to teach selfediting is selection analysis. First, take a passage on a book and start discussing it to your class or group. Then make them rewrite the passage by rephrasing it. Let them analyze what they have written and see some grammatical mistakes and check on the spelling as well.

Be firm about consistency. When letting your students edit their work, one of the main things they should learn to look out for is whether their text is consistent: that is, with regards to grammar for example: do they consistently maintain firstperson narration, or do they suddenly switch to third person? and the details of the story.

Teach your students the proper mechanics in writing. In teaching how to edit their own work, you must tell them every important thing about writing. Let them identify and study the proper mechanics in writing and practice it all the time. Once they have read their own writing they can easily identify their own mistakes if the know exactly the mechanics for writing. It is essential to avoid using ly in the end of you word, find ways to avoid adverbs. Check on the writing whether it is easily understood by the readers and does not create any confusion. Use proper punctuations for every sentence.

Be careful about dialogue. Let your student read their story and identify each dialogue thats been assigned for each character. Let them notice if they did not put any breaks on it. They must identify that the character shouldnt be talking too as making a speech while they are just making a conversation. Let the character talk in a conversational tone and avoid creating a long paragraph dialogue.

Make them do some final assessments on their work. After teaching the necessary things in editing their own writing, let them make a final look at it. You could also assign them to exchange their work with the others so they could do peer assessment. Then you can start checking each individual work by discussing the mistakes on the material. Discussion is a good base in learning and editing a written work.

pottery japaneseceramics chineseceramics

pottery japaneseceramics chineseceramics

Frankly, I wouldnt worry about it JUST because it is from Japan. If this is something you lay awake at night thinking about, you should test all of your ceramics. Lead glaze is NOT outlawed here in the United States. Not that I have ever done this, but there isnt anything stopping me from making a bowl with lead glaze and selling it. Everyone knows and I hope agrees. not to do it, even the Japanese.

posted by pwb503 at 9:36 AM on June 30, 2005

Lead is used as a flux, to lower the firing point of the glaze. Its only a problem if underfired, and left with an acidic food inside, say overnight, which you then eat. The Japanese and Chinese were making pottery before the United States existed.

posted by weaponsgrade pandemonium at 10:43 AM on June 30, 2005

weaponsgrade pandemonium writes The Japanese and Chinese were making pottery before the United States existed.

I know this, it doesnt mean they knew about lead poisoning before the US existed. Thanks for the other info.

posted by OmieWise at 11:32 AM on June 30, 2005

A quick, easy test put a freshly cut lemon slice on the surface of the bowl for a few hours if it leaches out any color, something is a little fishy. I would still use it, just not let any food sit in it very long. Thats just me, though, and since Im already a potter and going to get all sorts of nasty diseases from my profession, mayhap Im a bit foolhardy. . .

On the up side, if you DO get lead poisoning, youll be real good looking for a while bright eyes, pale skin, red lips. The young women who painted the pots made in places like StokeonTrent regularly died from lead poisoning, but they sure did look pretty for a while. I dont mean recently, more like a few centuries ago.

posted by Slothrop at 2:08 PM on June 30, 2005

If your bowl is high fire porcelain/stone ware you dont have worries, if it is low fire lusterware/earthenware, glazed in bright colors then,best test for lead.

Mystery Cruise Game Download

Mystery Cruise Game Download

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Getting Your Australian Visa with the Help of an Immigration LawyerReverse Osmosis Systems offer purified water that is good to taste and safe to drinkMaking your Accident Compensation claims and Illness Insurance Claims with Legal HelpObtaining Visa to Live in Australia with the Help of an Immigration LawyerChoose online method for instant and comfortable rechargeSeeking Accident Compensation and Illness Insurance ClaimsDivorce Cases and Retaining the Best Lawyers For DivorceFacing Your Divorce Case with the Best Divorce LawyersFinding a Migration Agent and Getting His Help to Obtain Visa to Work and Live in AustraliaGetting the Most Favorable Terms in a Divorce Case with the Help of a Divorce Lawyer

Medical Tourism Opportunities In India

Medical Tourism Opportunities In India

More and more people have started travelling to India for Medical Treatment and during the past year alone, over 150000 people travelled to India for their medical requirements. Medical Tourism is finally coming of age.

India boasts of several good private owned hospitals with facilities second to none. They have some of the best doctors, with most top end being educated in USA and UK. When it comes to becoming a doctor, India also has some of the stringest criteria. Langauge is another plus factor English, which is widely spoken throughout the country and in all good hospitals. Furthermore, the costs are much lower than most countries and most importantly, there are no waiting lists. With all the media hype about medical tourism, most hospitals have geared themselves up for medical tourists from abroad. Such packages make it convenient for the patient to have peace of mind during travel without the tension of what to do next.

For all those still hesitant to travel abroad for treatment, try getting a package deal with a company such as Health Line and you will get an idea of how much you can save. No coss are incurred for getting a quote or medical advise over email. Doctors are very willing to help patients abroad feel comfortable and will be more than happy to respond to your queries through such medical tourism companies.

With the introduction of the medical visa, it will now be easier than ever to travel to India. If your treatment requires an extension, the medical visa can be extended without any problem. Ending on one final note, do not forget to include your medical reports before travelling to India.

How To Know if You Are Pregnant Before Your Expected Period

How To Know if You Are Pregnant Before Your Expected Period

Having a baby is a big responsibility. Whether youre trying to conceive or not, thinking that you may be pregnant is an exciting but anxious time. You are likely analyzing every twinge and odd feeling, wondering whether its a sign that youre expecting. If its too early to test but you just need to know whether you are pregnant, there are some early signs of pregnancy you can look for. Not all of these signs are definite indications that you are pregnant, so be sure to consult your doctor if you think you are pregnant.

The following signs and symptoms may show up before your expected period, and might indicate that you are pregnant:

Nausea. For many women, nausea is the first sign of pregnancy. If youre wondering whether you are pregnant, pay attention to your tummy. If you wake up feeling sick to your stomach, you may be experiencing morning sickness. Some women get sick enough to vomit, while others simply feel icky. This usually goes away once you eat, so nibble on something mild and see how your body responds to food. You may also find yourself gagging at normal smells or being totally disgusted with foods you once loved.

Positive pregnancy test. This is the best way to find out whether you are pregnant. Purchase a reputable pregnancy test or two or three and use your first morning pee. It is the densest and will offer the best results. You wont likely get a positive result until a few days before your period, but every woman is different. There is no such thing as a false positive either. If you see two pink lines, congratulations! You are pregnant. Of course, call your doctor to confirm your pregnancy and be sure to get proper prenatal care.

Orlando Chiropractor

Orlando Chiropractor 101

A chiropractor performs the function of detection and treatment cure for various health problems pertaining to musculoskeletal system, nervous system and general health problems. He is also referred to as a specialist physician. Orlando chiropractors are known to help cure people suffering from problems related to spinal cord.

Abnormality of spinal joint directly affects functioning of nervous system. Any change in alignment of spinal joints result in reduced resistance power which in turn create different health problems. Chiropractic medicine proves to be really useful for treating such problems.

In Orlando, it is necessary to complete the 4year chiropractic college course in order to be certified as a Chiropractor specialist. There is also a criteria for being eligible for the course. You should be atleast an undergraduate with minimum 2 to 4 years of education and with excellent academic records and a will to serve the people.

You can expect the experts or the specialists to work diligently to provide high quality, quick and perfect services for their patients for faster recovery.

Orlando Chiropractor are known to keep their establishment clean, spacious and comfortable. As is the case with other health professionals, Chiropractic job requires one to stand for a longer period. The Orlando Chiropractor specialists who take X rays must take needed safety measures to avoid the ill effects of the continuous radiations.

The Chiropractic treatment deals with health care, that causes a stress on the patients health. Orlando Chiropractor specialists excel in nonsurgical, drugless, natural health treatments, depending on the recuperative inherent abilities of the patients body. Chiropractic medicine suggests changes in those factors that affect the lifestyle of person.

The specialists here have a usual routine, like other specialists, to get needed information; to detect and treat patients. These specialists need to keep a record of patients medical history, neurological tests, orthopedic examinations and medical history. They may also suggest some laboratory examinations. Chiropractic should have accurate observational skills that will help them detect the physical irregularities. These people need a lot of physical strength to successfully handle the complicated cases.

For the specialists at Orlando Chiropractor who have solo practice should have the tact of handling the responsibilities well. Apart from these healthrelated services, qualities like understanding, empathy and the desire to serve others is the base of a Orlando Chiropractor specialists.

The Orlando Chiropractor specialists lay emphasis on radiotherapies like X rays and other diagnostic images that are vital for the diagnosis of the spine problems. The specialists at Orlando Chiropractor also study the posture of the patient and spine with the use of the special procedure. Orlando Chiropractor specialists manually adjust the spinal column for patients whose health problems can be traced to the musculoskeletal system

Orlando Chiropractors are known to also specialize in sports neurology, injuries, pediatrics, orthopedics, nutrition, diagnostic imaging or internal disorders. You can find not only individually practising Orlando Chiropractors but also those who work as a group.

Orlando Chiropractor specialists who perform as a private practitioner, are responsible to developing and maintaining on their own, a strong base of patients, keeping records and hiring employees. However, large organisations have a support staff to help Chiropractor specialists with these functions.

On Being Human

On Being Human

It is a definition by negation: that which separates us from animal and machine is our humanness.

We are human because we are not animal, nor machine. But such thinking has been rendered progressively less tenable by the advent of evolutionary and neoevolutionary theories which postulate a continuum in nature between animals and Man.

Our uniqueness is partly quantitative and partly qualitative. Many animals are capable of cognitively manipulating symbols and using tools. Few are as adept at it as we are. These are easily quantifiable differences two of many.

Qualitative differences are a lot more difficult to substantiate. In the absence of privileged access to the animal mind, we cannot and dont know if animals feel guilt, for instance. Do animals love? Do they have a concept of sin? What about object permanence, meaning, reasoning, selfawareness, critical thinking? Individuality? Emotions? Empathy? Is artificial intelligence AI an oxymoron? A machine that passes the Turing Test may well be described as human. But is it really? And if it is not why isnt it?

Literature is full of stories of monsters Frankenstein, the Golem and androids or anthropoids. Their behaviour is more humane than the humans around them. This, perhaps, is what really sets humans apart: their behavioural unpredictability. It is yielded by the interaction between Mankinds underlying immutable geneticallydetermined nature and Mans kaleidoscopically changing environments.

The Constructivists even claim that Human Nature is a mere cultural artefact. Sociobiologists, on the other hand, are determinists. They believe that human nature being the inevitable and inexorable outcome of our bestial ancestry cannot be the subject of moral judgment.

An improved Turing Test would look for baffling and erratic patterns of misbehaviour to identify humans. Pico della Mirandola wrote in Oration on the Dignity of Man that Man was born without a form and can mould and transform actually, create himself at will. Existence precedes essence, said the Existentialists centuries later.

The one defining human characteristic may be our awareness of our mortality. The automatically triggered, fight or flight, battle for survival is common to all living things and to appropriately programmed machines. Not so the catalytic effects of imminent death. These are uniquely human. The appreciation of the fleeting translates into aesthetics, the uniqueness of our ephemeral life breeds morality, and the scarcity of time gives rise to ambition and creativity.

In an infinite life, everything materializes at one time or another, so the concept of choice is spurious. The realization of our finiteness forces us to choose among alternatives. This act of selection is predicated upon the existence of free will. Animals and machines are thought to be devoid of choice, slaves to their genetic or human programming.

Yet, all these answers to the question: What does it mean to be human are lacking.

The set of attributes we designate as human is subject to profound alteration. Drugs, neuroscience, introspection, and experience all cause irreversible changes in these traits and characteristics. The accumulation of these changes can lead, in principle, to the emergence of new properties, or to the abolition of old ones.

Animals and machines are not supposed to possess free will or exercise it. What, then, about fusions of machines and humans bionics? At which point does a human turn into a machine? And why should we assume that free will ceases to exist at that rather arbitrary point?

Introspection the ability to construct selfreferential and recursive models of the world is supposed to be a uniquely human quality. What about introspective machines? Surely, say the critics, such machines are PROGRAMMED to introspect, as opposed to humans. To qualify as introspection, it must be WILLED, they continue. Yet, if introspection is willed WHO wills it? Selfwilled introspection leads to infinite regression and formal logical paradoxes.

Moreover, the notion if not the formal concept of human rests on many hidden assumptions and conventions.

Political correctness notwithstanding why presume that men and women or different races are identically human? Aristotle thought they were not. A lot separates males from females genetically both genotype and phenotype and environmentally culturally. A soul has no existence separate from the body. A machinesupported energy field with mental states similar to ours today would it be considered human? What about someone in a state of coma is he or she or it fully human?

Is a new born baby human or, at least, fully human and, if so, in which sense? What about a future human race whose features would be unrecognizable to us? Machinebased intelligence would it be thought of as human? If yes, when would it be considered human?

In all these deliberations, we may be confusing human with person. The former is a private case of the latter. Lockes person is a moral agent, a being responsible for its actions. It is constituted by the continuity of its mental states accessible to introspection.

Lockes is a functional definition. It readily accommodates nonhuman persons machines, energy matrices if the functional conditions are satisfied. Thus, an android which meets the prescribed requirements is more human than a brain dead person.

Descartes objection that one cannot specify conditions of singularity and identity over time for disembodied souls is right only if we assume that such souls possess no energy. A bodiless intelligent energy matrix which maintains its form and identity over time is conceivable. Certain AI and genetic software programs already do it.

Strawson is Cartesian and Kantian in his definition of a person as a primitive. Both the corporeal predicates and those pertaining to mental states apply equally, simultaneously, and inseparably to all the individuals of that type of entity. Human beings are one such entity. Some, like Wiggins, limit the list of possible persons to animals but this is far from rigorously necessary and is unduly restrictive.

The truth is probably in a synthesis:

This definition allows for nonanimal persons and recognizes the personhood of a brain damaged human capable of experiencing. It also incorporates Lockes view of humans as possessing an ontological status similar to clubs or nations their personal identity consists of a variety of interconnected psychological continuities.

If You Have Back Pain

If You Have Back Pain

Back pains can increase if you continue to avoid exercise. The latest research proves this. Researchers found that there is a positive response to regular exercise. By regular, they meant exercising at least four days a week.

For the study, 240 men and women with chronic lower back pain were recruited. They were divided into four groups of 60. Each of the group was given a different exercise plan for the week. A fourth group didn exercise at all.

Researchers finished the study after 16 weeks and the group who did more exercise had less back pain. The quality of life improved for those who went to the gym four days a week.

The level of pain decreased by 28 percent in programs that included exercise four days a week, by 18 percent three days a week and by 14 percent two days a week.

According to chiropractors in Orange County, about 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain. Many people live an unbearable and miserable life because of their pain.

Dr. Candice McCowin, of Great Life Chiropractic Wellness in Costa Mesa, knows what you these people are going through. The search for a cure led her to Pettibon, now she is one of a few chiropractors in Orange County who practice this unique treatment.

Using the corrective care or Pettibon System, McCowin can now help patients suffering from head, neck, shoulder and body pain and relieve their misery permanently. This is great news for the people suffering from this constant pain.

How We Experience Taste

How We Experience Taste

Our taste buds contain cells that let us distinguish between sour, salty, bitter and sweet sensations. Taste buds are normally associated with our tongues, however the insides of our cheeks and the roofs of our mouths also contain taste buds, which means that tasting food is truly a whole mouth experience.

The way in which we experience taste is a function of the array and number of taste buds in our mouths, and this is down to our genetics and heredity. This is the reason that a certain food can taste delicious to one person, but can be foul tasting to somebody else. This is also the reason why the same family members can have very similar preferences with their food.

On average, a persons tongue contains 184 taste buds per square centimeter, although certain people, who are known as nontasters, only have 96 taste buds. Also some people, who are usually women, are known as supertasters, as they can have tongues that contain as much as 425 taste buds per square centimeter. Supertasters are very much in demand within the food industry, where a companies reputation relies on the consistency of taste.

It is not all sweetness and light being a supertaster though, since they also have a higher number of pain receptors, which means they tend to find it painful to eat hot or spicy food.

Despite the number of spices that are available today, the western world have become used to the artificial tastes found in preservatives. We are so used to packaged convenience food that foods with bad odors and stale tastes pass right by us. As long as it can be used in a microwave and be ready in a couple of minutes, we will usually buy it.

When it comes to food, it is good to remember that fresh food is the best food, and ignore what they say about food that is good for you tasting awful, as it is simply not true.

Make Life Easier with Shared Page Elements

Make Life Easier with Shared Page Elements

In the early days of the web, sites were usually built with primitive text editors, one page at a time, one painstaking HTML tag after another. Yeah, back then also we walked five miles to school, uphill both ways. And we liked it.

Current web building tools make it easier than ever for content managers to maintain a sites consistent look and feel every page with your logo at the top, a primary navigation bar in a prominent place, and a footer with your companys address and phone number, for example.

This article shows how you can create these page elements once and have them shared by every page in your site. So, if youre still living in the horseandbuggy world of building every page top to bottom from scratch, repeatedly coding your banners and footers, its time to harness the power of shared page elements.

FrontPageAchieve consistency in your FrontPagebuilt site by using Shared Borders, which are page regions reserved for content such as page titles and navigation bars that you want to appear consistently throughout the site.

Start by clicking on the Navigation icon on the Views bar to switch to Navigation view. On the Format menu, click Shared Borders. In the Shared Borders dialog box you can specify where on your pages FrontPage should insert Shared Borders. Youll probably want to make sure the All pages option is selected.

Note that you can have more than one Shared Border, such as one at the top of the page for your logo, and one down the left for the navigation bar.

With the Shared Borders in place, all existing and new pages will, you guessed it, share the same logo, navigation links, etc. If you make changes to an element in a Shared Border, the change will be reflected automatically throughout your site.

Thats not all. You can apply a Theme that gives pages, banners, navigation bars, and other elements an attractive and consistent appearance. With any page open, click Theme on the Format menu to display the Themes Properties dialog box. Refer to online Help for the the dizzying array of options available to you. In Dreamweaver create a basic page that includes only those elements that you want on every site page. Apply this page to a defined site by selecting File Save as Template. Select the defined site and give the template a name. Once the template is saved, youll have to define what is editable and what isnt.

Theres a lot to this powerful feature, so refer to Dreamweavers online help for more information.

NetObjects FusionIf this is your tool of choice, make sure youre using Fusions powerful SiteStyles feature. You can select from over 200 SiteStyles that put a consistent look and feel to your site. You can even create your own site style.

Another feature youll want to use are navbars navigation bars. These are Fusion generatednavigation aids which appear as a series of links or linked buttons in your web pages. One great thing about these highlycustomizable navbars is that they continually reflect your sites structure as you add sections and pages to your site.

For more information about sitestyles and navbars refer Fusions online User Guide.

HomeSiteWhile HomeSite is not a WYSIWYG tool like FrontPage or Fusion, its a fine HTML editor. Your best bet with this tool is to create a template.

Create an HTML file to hold the repeatable code that contains the shell for each page at a minimum, the opening and closing HTML and BODY tags. Include code for your logo, primary navigation, and other shared page elements. Save this file as a custom template File Save as Template. When you create new pages File New, click on the custom template.

Unfortunately, using this approach will not allow you to make sitewide changes to existing files. Essentially youll create separate text files that contain the code for shared page elements, and then call upon these files as needed.

In the HTML file for each page, add the following line:

When the server opens an HTML file on your site and sees this code, it grabs your banner code and merges it with the other HTML code on the page. The beauty of this is that you can use this include over and over. Note that your server must be set up to process SSI. Contact your server administrator if you have questions. PHP PHP is a scripting language which excels at the dynamic delivery of web content. Similar to SSI, you can embed code in one file to bring in page elements stored in another file. To include your banner code, place a command like this in your php file:

SummaryIf youre not using one of these approaches, you probably should be. It allows your content managers to focus on what they do best creating and updating content without having to worry about recreating common page elements over and over. As with any change in process, anticipate a learning curve, but also be ready for the benefits of a more efficient process and a cleaner web site.

Improving Motivation

Improving Motivation

A key part of every manager and leaders role is to get results through others. Achieving results through others requires is often a challenge. So how can you improve motivation?

While everyone needs to become comfortable in their role and build confidence, just about everyone enjoys a new challenge. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of believing that because someone is good at what they do, that is enough. Those that are good at their job generally want to grow and develop. Providing challenging work like involvement in a new project is an excellent way of improving motivation.

One of the common frustrations that employees have is that they feel that they do not have a voice in the work place. People start out initially with enthusiasm but if what they are offering in terms of suggestions for improvements is not given proper consideration, they eventually give up or leave. Making the time to sit down, listen and explore ideas can have a huge impact on how people feel about their work.

Objective setting or goal setting sessions carried out as part of staff appraisals are ideal opportunities to set meaningful goals. Yet often they can become sessions where the manager or leader merely tells the other person what they will be doing in the coming year. By engaging in dialogue about what the employee needs and the employer needs, more meaningful and motivating goals can be set.

In the busy work place, it is all too easy to fall into the trap of ticking things off the list and doing. People are probably working hard and actually achieving a lot but how often do you make the time to recognise the contributions that people make. Virtually every study or report that is produced around employee satisfaction highlights the importance of recognising achievements or praising good work. It takes little or no time and costs nothing.

If you are asking someone to do something new to them or to the organisation, you are asking them to take some risk. Organisations cannot be reckless, but achieving new levels of performance requires some degree of risk. Supporting and empowering people to take balanced risk can be extremely liberating and motivating. Remember that nothing of significance is achieved without some degree of risk.

Motivated people make a huge difference to organisational success. Making some simple changes in the way in which you operate as a manager and leader can greatly improve your ability to get results through others and improve motivation.

Html Editor Help and IE Add

Html Editor Help and IE Add

By searching these forums, Ive learned of a couple of easy to use, hand coding editors. So far Ive been using PSPad. Now, being new to all this, and noticing Ive missed singular strokes that screw up the entire line of code my favorite is to miss the / at the end code of a line or paragraph often, so I copy and paste what I have into FrontPage to see the preview. Is there any free, and trustworthy editor out there that lets me see the preview, so I dont have to copy and paste from one program to another?

Also, Ive accidentally stumbled upon an addon for IE that lets me see a sites code, but the reviews keep saying it does bad things if used with IE7. Too late now accidentally upgraded to IE7, and, since, in the long run, its best to set up my sites for this latest Microsoft version for the Internet, its not a good idea to go back to IE6. Nearly all of them do what you are asking.

I use EasyHTML by ToniArts. There are probibly better editors but I stick with what I know.

Try HTML Kit Spelling? and Arachnophillia Spelling?

Any worthwhile editor gives standard tags at a click. No mistakes. You can also set up quite large bits of your own, standard code to place at a click.

See that honey and lemon juce did the trick.

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Traveling and camping, wilderness photographer adventurer. Australian coast, mountain and outback digital landscape images.

Sorry about lack of response. Im guessing I forgot to click Subscribe to this Topic and then assumed I did.

Is there any reason you cant just save what you are doing in pspad and open it in IE and then just save/refresh after thats

Vita, do you mean past the concept that I dont know how to do that?!

Laurie, downloading it now. Thanks. Now, Im wondering if PSPad does it too, but I simply missed that part. I swear, as an old Tshirt hubby had said, Of all the things Ive ever lost, I miss my mind the most. Not even honey and lemon can give me my whole mind back. LOL

level Executives With Direct Mail

level Executives With Direct Mail

Reference in copywriting,direct mail,direct marketing,marketing,sales letter by Ivan Levison

It isn easy reaching Clevel. . Which means that they protected by assistants who make sure that junk mail never reaches their desks. Forget about envelope teaser copynEnvelope copy screams MAIL and thus will be tossed out by the executive administrator. Use overnight mail or priority mailnA better approach, if your budget permits, is to use an express service. When someone sees a FedEx package, they open it. It as simple as that. Of course you can afford to send a mass mailing via FedEx, but if you mailing in onesies and twosies, and following up with a phone call, this is a great way to go!n3. it has three dimensions. Often, by adding an attentiongetter, you can be sure your package will get opened. For example, you can enclose a book that you think the prospect might enjoy reading. Or an important report. Forget about calculators, caps, and any other junky gifts.n4. I heard over and over again how valuable mentorship is for firsttime entrepreneurs, and mentorship and coaching is really at the heart of the hosting community.

Liquid Lime

Liquid Lime

Liquid lime is a soil conditioner that helps to balance soil pH level. It is a basic conditioner that will help bring up the pH level of soil that is too acidic. Liquid lime is very concentrated liquid limestone that is good for quick pH fixes.

Liquid lime usually comes in pellet or powder form, but it sometimes comes in a liquid form. It can be added just about anywhere the soil is too acidic, like plant pots, flowerbeds, lawns and mulch. Since liquid lime is concentrated limestone, it can be considered organic and is a safe way to raise pH levels in your soil.

The pH scale can be a bit confusing. Acidity and alkalinity make up the pH scale. Everything below seven is considered acidic and everything above seven is considered alkaline. Seven is neutral. The lower the number on the pH scale, the more acidic it is and the higher the number, the more alkaline it is. To make the pH go down, add acids and to make the pH level go up, add bases.

You can test the pH level of your soil on your own or you can have a professional test it. Home kits are available at most home improvement and garden stores. There are many garden companies that will test a sample of your soil if you bring it or send it to them, and there are companies that will come out to you and do the pH test at your home. Remember, if youre sending away for a test or doing the test yourself, make sure the soil is dry. Wet soil can provide false results and cause you to correct for problems you may not have.

Leo Horoscope for November

Leo Horoscope for November 2010

Things will be slowing down now and it looks like the focus will be on the domestic side of life or the private base of operations, over the next three weeks. You may want to beautify your space or help someone with theirs, or improve your work setup in a way more to your taste or more comfortable. Your space may become a welcoming meeting place for others or you could be more the visitor in someone elses.

The home patch and relationships with those in the community in person or over the wires will be highlighted. And you may be coming and going more in the locality. For some of you that may mean the focus is on accommodation, or domestic routines, but also, family, friends or neighbours. There may be much discussion about home or a chatty time at home or not far away. Private matters, anything affecting basic security will be emphasized and the past will have some kind of impact on the present. Memories, and past experiences or people may come to mind more than usual just now, and you may be tying up loose ends from the past. It could also be that you are more than usually sensitive about roots, caring for a relative or questioning your allegiances or your inner sense of belonging. Its likely those in your close circle will demand more of your energy, and you may have to juggle home/family commitments with careerrelated obligations.

Fortunately, Venus is in the most private sector of your chart helping to smooth out any differences with kith and kin. Her presence here encourages a friendly, helpful environment at home or nearby in the locality but things may be a bit slow until the 18th. From the 9th youll want to get into a more creative groove and maybe work on something which brings a reward, something which is interesting and lifts your spirits. Youll be feeling more selfindulgent and ready to party or bolder about taking a risk. You should be feeling more spontaneous and able to express yourself more freely and in a way which gets you noticed in a good way, great for romance or leisure activities or if you are promoting something. Another way this could translate is the affairs of children or animals may be on your mind just now.

Saturns long transit continues to emphasis mental work and demand you work harder on educational activities, dealing with more paperwork or other types of media which is more creative and selfexpressive. Maybe having to be the explainer, the teacher, the coordinater yourself which involves juggling various concepts or communicating with others with differing points of view or levels of understanding. You wont want to waste time on gossip or chewing the fat, but youd rather cut to the chase and bring some structure or meet a criteria or deadline in your communications activity. This energy could also translate as keeping your ear to the ground, listening more intuitively and sensing which way the wind is blowing in the group consciousness. Feeling more pressure to communicate well, or seeking outlets for information or sourcing information which can help you.

Until early next year, Jupiter will encourage an influence which is beneficial and serves to help you out materially. Someone or something is there to give you a financial boost, or pool resources with you. It could translate as a knowledge, a space, funding or equipment which is given or lent or maybe its moral support but a feeling of more security within should ensue. as this position of Jupiter will help you feel cared for and feel more emotionally safe.

Laws Protect Whistleblowers

Laws Protect Whistleblowers

Additionally, the employer may not terminate an employee who has testified, or is about to testify, in any such proceeding.Under the Act, an employee who believes that a work hazard exists, whether or not they have filed a claim, has legal protection to refuse to work if all of the following apply:. The employee faces death or serious injury and the hazard is so clear that a reasonable person would agree with the seriousness of the hazard.. The situation is so urgent that there is not time to eliminate the hazard through regulatory channels.. Provides specific protection for the whistleblower from discharge, demotion, suspension, threats or other harassment or discrimination that the whistleblower may encounter due to lawful actions taken in the furtherance of a whistleblower claim, if the employee is still works for the employer.. This allows only one complaint under seal, which basically means that no one will know about the complaint until it has been investigated, even the defendent.. Anywhere from 15 to 25 percent of the entire recovery can be made in some instances by the whistleblower.Eleven states and the District of Columbia also have their own false claims acts that closely resemble the Federal Act.Whistleblower laws allow for the contingent fee representation of whistleblowers. The Federal False Claims Act also provides that a whistleblowers attorneys fees be paid by the entity that committed the fraud in the event of a government recovery. If the case is succesful, then there are no expenses or monetary costs to the employee.Anyone who knows of fraud against the government can become a whistleblower. Usually it is employees or exemployees who report fraud of a corporation because they have the most knowledge of internal operations.The law only protects one whistleblowerbased claim. The first to file based on specific information about a particular fraud preempts other whistleblowers and their claims. In addition, an employee cannot bring a whistleblower complaint if information about the fraud becomes public before bringing a claim..

Music Posters

Music Posters

There are many ways to surround yourself with music, and one of them includes displaying music posters around your home. You may be picturing a teenagers bedroom with wall to wall posters of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Jessica Simpson, and wondering why on earth you would want to do this in your home. But there are many great ways to display music prints around your home that are tasteful and attractive.

The wonderful advantage to poster art is that it is so individualistic. You can purchase artistic prints online for prices that dont come close to other forms of art, such as oil paintings or watercolors. Then, you can have your prints customframed to further enhance the personality of the pictures, as well as demonstrate your personal flair and style.

So if you thought that only teenagers hung music posters on their walls, think again. People with large, sprawling estates and people with little studio apartments adorn their walls with musical art. Luckily, you can choose from any genre of music, from Broadway musicals to opera to hiphop.

Micro Bikini Beach Wear

Micro Bikini Beach Wear

Summer is the time, a time when the lounge lizards and recreational activists awaken and venture down to the beach. The beach is a quality place to spend time. There are many things that can appeal to both the child, teen and adult alike.

For example, swimming is fun and also is a good way to keeping cool when fighting against the suns ultraviolet rays. Recreational sporting activities such as volleyball or frisbee are popular things to do while at the beach. Lastly and the most practised activity at the beach would have to be tanning. A nice quality tan is appealing! More often than not anybody who tans often wears a tiny swimsuit or bikini as is tends to make it easier to tan in the more personal areas of an individuals body.

Just when we thought bikinis could get any smaller, a new fashion is exploding onto the market called the minimicro bikini. Both the top and the bottom have almost no coverage at all for your nipples, buttocks, and crotch. Almost the entire body is exposed, leaving very, very little to the imagination.

Pushing the envelope even further, some of the minimicro bikinis available are made of a sheer material that can be seen through when the sun shines at the right angle and when the suit is wet.

Most beaches do not enforce any rules regarding the size of your swimwear. However, more and more public swimming pools are starting to due to complaints from parents. These parents think it is in poor taste, especially when they are trying to enjoy a day at the pool with their children.

Another area of controversy is that the swim suit line really only works for extremely small people. It is believed that seeing others in such a small bikini can lead to poor self esteem about your own body and possibly to eating disorders. It is believed society will strive to meet the criteria for this new bikini, jeopardizing their health.

The minimicro bikini is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The tops come in a diamond shape or a teardrop shape. The strings are very thin, and some tie around the neck rather than on the back. The bottoms vary from a basic bikini, a string bikini with very think strings on the side, a teardrop shape over the crotch, and even a thong for the buttocks area.

Know What a Residential Lease Form is Before You Sign

International pressures make MPC

International pressures make MPC

Views BlogsLiverpool BlogsCommentLettersSend a Story Video or PictureIT been 21 months since the UK bank interest rate was last changed from its present level of 0.5%. As we move into the New Year, the question is how much longer can this record low rate continue?

The question is becoming all the more urgent because inflation remains surprisingly and stubbornly high. Rises in fuel, food and raw material costs show no sign of easing any time soon.

When setting interest rates each month, the principal concern of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee MPC is to keep inflation beneath 2% in order to help create the conditions necessary for sustainable economic growth. With consumer price inflation now at 3.3%, there is a clear case for a rise in the bank rate sooner, rather than later, during 2011.

However, irrespective of the duties of the MPC, there is more to determining interest rates than just inflation. Interest rates represent the price of money paid by borrowers to lenders and will, therefore, be determined by demand and supply in lending markets. According to data published by the Bank of England earlier this week, lending conditions in the UK remain extremely weak, as weak as they ever have been during the credit crunch. Such data argues against the wisdom of an increase in interest rates. Furthermore, it can even be used to suggest that an early rise in interest rates may dampen UK economic prospects next year, about which there appears to be little consensus among economists.

Last week, the Confederation of British Industry CBI published a downbeat assessment for 2011. It downgraded its forecast for UK growth to 0.2% for the first quarter of 2011.

The employers group predicted the Bank of England would begin to monetary policy in the spring as inflation picks up. It said that would be followed by a slightly faster stimulus withdrawal over the second half, taking the bank rate from a record low of 0.5% to 2.75% by the fourth quarter of 2012.

The CBI concerns focus on rising unemployment and the imminent New Year VAT increase, as well as higher than expected inflation.

The group said the economy would expand by 2.4% over the year as a whole, which it said was subdued for this stage of the recovery. This reflects the tenuous nature of our economic recovery and the possibility that any early rise in interest rates could jeopardise growth.

Higher than expected inflation has been a recurring feature of UK economic management for several years now, since well before the recession started. This has remained true even during the lowest points of the recession, which is not something that economists would have traditionally expected to see happen.

Given the global origins of the inflationary pressures, it is possible that the MPC may have to admit that it is not as much in control of matters as might be hoped. The prices of fuels and other commodities, for example, are set by international market forces. The price British householders pay for gas is in part determined by gas supply conditions in Russia, Ukraine and Germany. A couple of decades ago, the principal inflationary pressure was more likely to be rising incomes or too much government stimulus.

If so, it may be time to review the remit of the MPC to allow it to focus more on factors that are within its control. We also need greater international cooperation to create the low inflationary environment needed for sustainable economic growth.

Outlet Coach Stores

Outlet Coach Stores

Designers frequently manufacture an overstock of their products. Occasionally merchandise may suffer minor defects and, though still salable, it is not showroom quality and, therefore, is sold at a discount. Some items are also occasionally surpluses from seasons past. Outlet stores usually buy products in bulk, thereby incurring a marked lowering in total price. Regardless of the reason, Coach provides factory outlet stores for consumers who want to purchase past styles or surplus goods for a hefty discount.

If the logo says Coach, someone, somewhere will buy the product. These sites also can recommend auction sellers who have been shown to sell authentic goods as well as point out counterfeit sellers to steer clear of. Purse forums and blogs are another great way to find out which online outlet sellers others have purchased from that sell authentic Coach goods.

Coach Outlet Stores

Because of the predominance of unauthentic goods, the safest method of purchasing Coach products at a discounted price is to purchase them directly from Coach factory outlet stores. Running an online search for Coach outlets can be done by accessing: Prime Outlets. There are eighty five outlet locations

Coach outlets are often found in large outlet malls, which are a collection of outlet stores featuring several designers. Outlet Bound also lists Coach store outlets nationwide.

The Coach Discount Policy

Mini Coach Signature Hobo HandbagAn investigation of the Coach Company seemed to indicate that Coach actually receives most of its consumer revenue through its factory outlet stores. The company offers more than 85 outlets, usually located within an hours drive from the 200plus retail stores. Fans of Coach are plentiful, but fans of discounts are even more abundant.

Why are the outlet stores so popular? Coach does not permit its retail stores and online products to be discounted. Moreover, Coach products sold in fine department stores are also prohibited regarding discounts. This leaves bargain hunters with the sole option of driving 60 miles or more to the nearest factory outlet.

The items sold in Coach outlets are not usually of the same caliber as those provided in the upscale retail stores. Coach intentionally manufactures products specifically for its outlets, leaving the latest trends and shiny styles for the retail locations. This clever marketing ploy allows trendconscious Coach fans to maintain their elitism, whereas bargain shoppers seeking quality goods can purchase the name without acquiring the hippest fashions. It may seem prejudiced, but this sales scheme is what maintains the exclusivity of retail Coach, keeping the company from falling to the common status of a household brand.

Not able to download Simcity

Not able to download Simcity 5

How to create jobs for simcity 5 different wealth classes?

How to create jobs for simcity 5 different wealth classes? Im having difficulties of figuring out exactly which kind/wealth of industries/commercial the different kind of sims work in. It dosnt seem to me that if I need jobs for medium wealth sims and create some more medium wealth commercial.

asked Mar 2513 at 02:46How to upgrade low wealth industrial in Simcity 5? How do I make it so my low wealth/ quality industry upgrade/ increase to a more cleaner medium/ high wealth industry? I know that creating a University in an industrial zone will change it, but What can I do if I dont have a University. show me.

Topics: Simcity 5,Simcity 5 Upgrade Low Wealth Industrial,Simcity 5 Fix Food Industry Problem,Simcity 5 Improve Industrial Zone

asked Mar 1713 at 21:54Simcity 5 local vs global trade? any tips?

So are there any tips for Simcity 5 local vs global trade? f you choose trade locally, does that just mean within the city or the region? If the case is that it is just in the city like a suspect, then it seems almost pointless for me to mine coal and ore when i can create technology plants in.

Topics: Simcity 5,Simcity 5 Local VS Global Trade,Simcity 5 Receive Global Shipments,Simcity 5 Fix Trade Port Bug

asked Mar 2013 at 22:38Simcity 5 ambulances are missing? help!!

Hey all, my Simcity 5 ambulances are missing! my ambulances are disappearing from the clinics/hospitals. My ambulance bays are empty but when looking at the health coverage, they are nowhere to be seen. I have only 1 city in my region so they arent going to other cities. anyone else have Simcity.

New jobless claims jump

New jobless claims jump

WASHINGTON The number of people filing new jobless claims jumped unexpectedly last week, while those continuing to receive benefits hit a 10th straight recordhigh. Both figures show the labor market remains weak and is unlikely to recover anytime soon, despite some signs the economy decline is moderating.

The Labor Department said today that initial claims for unemployment insurance rose to a seasonally adjusted 669,000 from the previous week revised figure of 657,000. That total was above analysts expectations and the highest in more than 26 years, though the work force has grown by about half since then.

On a more positive note, the Commerce Department said orders for manufactured goods rose 1.8 percent in February, much higher than analysts expected and reversing six straight monthly declines.

Wall Street focused on the good news. The Dow Jones industrial average rose nearly 270 points, or 3.5 percent, in midday trading. Broader indices also rose.

Other economic indicators came in better than expected yesterday, including construction spending and pending home sales.

Still, economists said the jobless claims figures indicate that companies continue to lay off workers at a rapid pace. economist at High Frequency Economics, wrote in a client note.

The tally of laidoff workers claiming benefits for more than a week rose 161,000 to 5.73 million, setting a record for the 10th straight week. That also was above analysts expectations and indicates that unemployed workers are having difficulty finding new jobs. The continuing claims data lag the initial claims by one week.

An additional 1.5 million people received benefits under an extended unemployment compensation program approved by Congress last year. That as of March 14, the latest data available. Jobless benefits typically last 26 weeks, but the federal government is paying for an additional 20 to 33 weeks of compensation under the extended program, depending on each state unemployment rate.

As a proportion of the work force, the number of people on the jobless benefit rolls is the highest since May 1983. The fourweek moving average of jobless claims, which smooths out weekly volatility, rose to 656,750, the highest since October 1982, when the economy was emerging from a steep recession.

Employers are eliminating jobs and taking other costcutting measures to deal with sharp reductions in consumer and business spending. The current recession, now in its 17th month, is the longest since World War II.

The jobless claims data come a day before the department is expected to issue another dismal monthly employment report. Economists forecast that report will show employers cut 654,000 jobs in March, while the unemployment rate increased to 8.5 percent from 8.1 percent, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters.

Some economists raised their projection for job losses in March in response to the increase in claims. David Resler, chief economist at Nomura Securities International, said he expected that the department would report payroll cuts of 725,000 in March, up from a previous forecast of 680,000.

Companies reduced their payrolls by 651,000 jobs in February, a record third straight month of job losses above 600,000.

A private survey yesterday said businesses cut 742,000 jobs in March. Employment at medium and smallsized companies fell the sharpest by a combined 614,000. The rest of the job cuts came from big firms those with 500 or more workers according to the report from Automatic Data Processing Inc. and Macroeconomic Advisers LLC.

More job losses were announced this week. The maker of Scotch tape and PostIt Notes, 3M Co., said Tuesday it was cutting another 1,200 jobs, or 1.5 percent of its work force, because of the global economic slump. Fewer than half the jobs will be in the United States, but include hundreds in its home state of Minnesota. The 1,200 figure includes cuts made earlier in the first quarter.

Elsewhere, healthcare products distributor Cardinal Health Inc. said it would eliminate 1,300 positions, or about 3 percent of its work force, and semiconductor equipment maker KLATencor Corp. said it would cut about 600 jobs, or 10 percent of its employees.

Among the states, California reported the biggest increase in new claims for the week ending March 21 with a jump of more than 6,700, which it attributed to layoffs in the construction and service industries. The next largest increases were in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa, according to the Labor Department data.

The biggest drop was in Texas, which had 4,822 fewer claims as the trade, service, manufacturing and transportation industries cut fewer jobs. New York, Tennessee, Illinois and Virginia had the next largest declines.

The Federal Reserve has cut a key benchmark interest rate to nearly zero in an effort to jumpstart lending and embarked on a series of radical programs to inject billions of dollars into the financial system.

The Obama administration $787 billion stimulus package, approved by Congress in February, is trying to counter the recession by providing money for public works projects, extending unemployment benefits and helping states avoid budget cuts.

Innovative Product Sampling Strategies

Innovative Product Sampling Strategies

While marketing strategies are constantly evolving, there is one solution that has stayed persistently efficient over the years; sampling. Sampling strategies are a good way to attract new customers, to keep the loyalty of your existing customer base but also to improve the general impact and image of your brand. Identipak has developed an ensemble of product sampling strategies to help North American companies with their sampling needs and brand promotion. For over 15 years, Identipak has been a leading name in the product sampling industry and continues to help clients in various industries such as personal care and cosmetics to this date.

Just like any marketing strategy, Identipak understands that your samples will be used to stimulate the target audience senses touch, sight, smell, taste and sound to create an experience that translates to action purchase. Identipaks team will work alongside your company to make sure that your product samples represent your brand and your image to turn these into attractive, eyecatching product samples. Identipak only hires dedicated individuals who are ready to take the necessary time and put in the necessary efforts to ensure the clients entire satisfaction with the end result.

All work is done at Identipaks state of the art FDA facility, which counts with full microbiology and stability laboratories. This allows large companies to source most if not all of their brands under one roof, whether OTCs, Nutraceuticals, Personal Care, or Ingestibles.

Another thing that makes Identipak a leader in the product sampling strategies industry surely is the possibility for the clients to see and touch a prototype of each sample before ordering the entire stock of samples needed. Whether you are interested in diecut sachets, classic sachets, samples with carrier cards, dualchamber sachets or any other sampling strategies, Identipak will always offer you the possibility to order a prototype before hand to make sure that the product you get is the product you want. Every prototype ordered will be fully refunded against the price of the entire order if you decide to go ahead with the sample presented.

Identipak has worked with many famous International brand names such as Gillette, Coty, Avon, Johnson Revlon, Wella, Graham Webb, ScheringPlough, P Alberto Culver and more. Identipaks team takes pride in treating each individual client with attention and care. Their success lies in their loyalty to their clientele and the pride they take in their work. By adding your name to Identipaks list of existing clients, you are certainly ensuring a successful sampling campaign for your company, with a sampling strategy that will attract new business while keeping the integrity of your product.

Identipak is currently based out of McAllen, Texas. This strategic location allows for cheaper freight rates, a saving they are passing on to you, the clients. Identipak is all about the clients and ensuring your happiness with the products and the costs is the number one priority of their entire team. Quick turnarounds and complete customer confidentiality are included in all services and Identipak will not stop working until you are completely at ease with the finished product.

Indiglo Gauges

Indiglo Gauges

Indiglo gauges are one of the favorite custom parts of everyone, from drag racers to family chauffeurs. The simple fact is that these blue, iridescent dials and switches look better, sleeker and far more arresting than those tired white numbers you get off the lot. What many people dont know is that the same parts can also prove invaluable in a pinch.

Driving at night is exhausting enough without having to contend with the low acuity and visual torpor of classic dashboard controls. If you have ever dealt with the maddening phenomenon of a dead dash light, you know how frustrating it can be trying to get your bearings at high speed. Indiglo is more than just a way to elicit oohs and ahhs from that companion sitting shotgunit can also be a lifesaving technology.

If you have never seen Indiglo gauges before, you may not quite appreciate the stir this technology caused when it was first introduced. A quiet soothing light emanates from any source outfitted with the proper fluorescent panels, eliminating the need for pricey filaments and providing an even glow throughout the dial. Besides drawing less power, such panels also last forever and are far easier on eyes accustomed to a dark road ahead.

There are better performance parts all over the Web if you have some help from a good resource. Ask your mechanic or check with an expert in the family to see which brands generally earn the highest marks. If you want to drive safer in a car that glows with futuristic dynamism, Indiglo gauges may help light the way there.

Just Surrender

Just Surrender

Surrendering seems to be the last thing youd want to do when it comes to your mental health. After all, Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour 1 Peter 5:8 NIV. But there is a place for surrender in the Christian life.

We all have burdensoften these burdens are more than we can bear in our own strength. When we try to handle these things ourselves, we become angry, stressed outeven depressed. But when we instead surrender the issue to God, trust Himand then wait until He makes it clear what to do, we can find a lot of reliefand quickly.

We also need to remember to adjust our attitude toward God: To praise Him, thank Him and love Him from our heart. We cannot do any of these things unless we also trust Him.

We also need to remember to focus on good thingsand not just dwell on problems. The Bible says whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirableif anything is excellent or praiseworthythink about such things Philippians 4:8 NIV.

Jeep Patriot

Jeep Patriot

This is a beautiful compact SUV type vehicle. It was originally introduced to all in the year 2007. The Jeep Patriot debuted its advertising in the year of 2006 when at the New York Auto Show. The great thing about this jeep is the fact that it is such a wonderful vehicle, it looks good and it is the cheapest type of SUV available in North America. This is strange as it is such an excellent car, but Jeep is just showing how they cater for everybodys needs and not just the people who have the extra cash. The Jeep Patriot falls between the other two Jeeps, Liberty and Compass.

Sometimes the Compass and the Jeep Patriot are thought to be the same as they are equally based on the GS platform. the Jeep Compass is more of a sporty kind of vehicle, but it also has a lot more ability when it comes to situations that involve bad weather and rough roads. The Dodge Caliber vehicle, which was also based, like the others, on the GS platform, is said to be of a direct contestant to the Toyota Matrix and that Pontiac Vibe. It is also much loved for being the little hatchback wagon.

The Jeep Patriot is not just a pretty engine and gorgeous body, this beauty is also capable on many offroad challenges that include ground clearance, water fording, traction, articulation and maneuverability. In this category, the Freedom Drive II is one of the Jeeps with the most offroad capabilities.

This vehicle would suit a driver that is determined, anxious, wild and fun. Whether its a male or female, the Jeep Patriot is available in the following colors; Stone White Clearcoat, Marine Blue Pearlcoat, Jeep Green Metallic Clearcoat, Bright Silver Metallic Clearcoat, Black Clearcoat, Inferno Red Crystal Clearcoat, Light Khaki Metallic Clearcoat and Steel Blue Metallic Clearcoat. So there are many colors for you to choose from and you are guaranteed to find the one that suits you just wonderfully!

Enjoy a fun bundubashing weekend with your family in the Jeep Patriot. It cant perform the full blown offroad capabilities like some of the other Jeeps can, but this is an ideal family car. Perfect to go camping, fishing, day tripping, mountain climbing, hiking and you can even fasten your bicycles to the back of it for when you want to go mountain bike riding. There is so much one can do with a Jeep Patriot, and the fun is just beginning!

Now that you think you are going to purchase one of the coolest cars ever, just remember about safety on the road. You can make a difference by sticking to the speed limit that is provided and wearing your seatbelt. That it, your jobs complete! Oh, and dont forget to have fun!

Is Your Website Blacklisted

Is Your Website Blacklisted

Is Your Website Blacklisted?by Niall Roche

A blacklist, as the name implies, is a list of people or companies who have met with the disapproval of others. In the online world a blacklist refers to those people who have been marked as responsible for generating spam in a very big way. Blacklists are also known as blocklists.

Blacklists are used to combat spam in a very specific way. When spam is reported to one of the relevant spam fighting organizations the IP address the spam originated from is added to a banned or blacklisted IP addresslist. An IP address is the unique location of you or your website on the Internet think of it as your home address online. Any email coming from your website domain also has a corresponding IP address. If your IP address is present on a blacklist then youre potentially wasting your time sending email to customers.

Why are you wasting your time? Modern spam blockers come with the most common blacklists installed and/or allow you to import updated blacklists into your spam blocker. This allows to you block a huge amount of spam but you may also, potentially, block legitimate email. Blacklists are not foolproof.

There are two types of IP address:

Dynamic changes every time you connect to the Internet. Most commonly used for dialup Internet access. Spammers love these because theyre very hard to track and 100% disposable.

Fixed/Static All websites, most large companies and some individuals use fixed IP addresses. This can cause huge problems if theyre reported for pamming.

When an IP address dynamic or fixed is reported for sending spam its added to a blacklist. There are three different types of blacklists:

An IP address placed on a temporary blacklist will have email coming from that IP address blocked for several hours. After a few hours the offending IP address is removed from the blacklist.

When an IP address is added to a permanent blacklist any email server configured to block email from this list will never receive email from that range of IP addresses again.

This is the most damaging of blacklists. Not only does it block a single IP address it also blocks the IP addresses next to it. For example if the IP address was added to a comprehensive blacklist then all IP addresses close to will also be blocked. This can be a huge problem for those website owners using virtual hosting because if your host has ever appeared on a blacklist then youre also on the same blacklist, by default, because of the shared hosting from the same IP range.

Blacklists are a necessary evil due to the volume of spam being sent each day but are not an exact science. Take a few moments from your day and ensure that your website or email address is not being blocked.

Internet Restrictions In China

Internet Restrictions In China

Internet restriction has always been a sensitive issue for freespeech activists and advocates of net neutrality. These issues center on the policies of China in actively blocking websites, banning IP addresses, and examining online content that have critical opinions against the government. Chinese users respond by finding ways to bypass China firewall. Censorship is strongly implemented in China through state run Internet service providers with directives from local government units.

These restrictions put a severe strain on the online experience of average Chinese users. Unlike other users in the world, Chinese home users have limited access to international news websites, blogs, online message boards, chat rooms, and instant messaging services. The Chinese government is especially sensitive against content that they deem dangerous propaganda like antipollution and anticorruption campaigns. Chinese officials are also wary of online content that is positive toward Taiwanese and Tibetan independence sentiments.

There are reliable Internet services that allow people to bypass China firewall. These solutions have been developed so users can go through the firewall and access sites with full liberty. The most promising solution today is called VPN solutions.

VPN stands for virtual private network. This technology creates a tunnel over the restricted public network. This tunnel serves as a safeguard for totally anonymous Internet usage, helping users keep their online activities private and secure. VPN connections are useful for people who are constantly concerned with their Internet privacy and security.

VPN is similar to online proxies, but unlike online proxies, VPN connections are more advanced. VPN connections can protect you even if you are using an unsecure WiFi network. It prevents your ISP from keeping logs of your online activity, unblocks previously inaccessible websites, and gives users access to other protocols. You can also use VPN connections for instant messaging programs like Skype, Windows Live, or Yahoo Messenger. VPN options come at different monthly prices and packages, but you will quickly find that having a secure connection that will help you bypass China firewall or any other firewall will provide more value for you.

Another crucial application of VPN connections is access to VOIP in countries or regions where it is restricted. VOIP or voice over Internet protocol is the cheapest method for making local and international calls. Some countries block VOIP programs at the request of large telecommunications companies to force the end user to pay high calling rates. With VPN, you can significantly cut your phone bills, especially if you are a business that needs to call international business contacts.

VPN is simply the best solution against Internet restriction policies. Chinas police infrastructure to enforce Internet restriction in the country is the most aggressive and the most organized in the world. However, a good VPN connection plan can get you through all these restrictions and grant you the liberty to use the Internet just as it should be used.

Wonderful Indian food

Wonderful Indian food

Chicken 65 is a uniquely Indian dish. There are many different theories regarding the unusual name of this recipe; some say the original dish contained exactly 65 different ingredients while others claim it was the number of chilies used in the recipe. Either way, this hot and spicy dish makes a wonderful addition to any Indian meal. Chicken 65 can also be served as an appetizer or even as a snack. Its absolutely perfect for entertaining and can be made well in advance and just heated through gently in a low oven before serving.

Chicken 65 dish an all time favorite. The chicken can also be easily substituted with paneer cubes for vegetarians and the recipe tastes equally delicious when made with either fish or shrimp. There are many variations to this dish but this particular recipe is my personal favorite.

Chicken 65 is one dish which is most loved by almost everyone. Indomunch is a Very popular in restaurants and fast food menus. But with the right use of spices the same restaurant quality can be acquired with ease at home. Indomunch has become one of the popular offerings in the full service restaurant.

Chicken 65 is a uniquely Indian dish. The Newyork peoples are mostly liked in the chicken items, the chicken 65 is liked in all type of peoples. Indomunch food has a great reputation for clean, healthy eating. The most popular dishes that the rest of the world sees sare raw, fresh, simple or at least natural and they all seem to be the sort of food that makes you feel better rather than worse.

Will dimmer switches dim LEDs

Will dimmer switches dim LEDs

They will barely dim through most of the range and then in a very narrow range will dim to nothing. LEDs are not very linear in response. I think you can buy specific dimmers made for dimming LEDs though.

posted by caddis at 6:57 AM on February 20, 2007

Couldnt they make LED clusters that reduce the number of LEDs illimuninated as the light is dimmed? If they dont, they should. Id buy them to replace my halogens.

posted by alms at 7:15 AM on February 20, 2007

First, have you checked out the dimming compact fluorescent question?

LEDs are unlike compact fluorescent bulbs, in that they arent based on fluorescence; however, they are like CF bulbs because they are both controlled by electronics, rather than being directly connected across the line voltage the way incandescent bulbs are.

Well, technically, I guess you could string a bunch of LEDs in series, and stick that right across the line with a smoothing cap, but that would be very failure prone. Like old strings of Christmas lights one burns out, and there goes the whole string.

Since LEDs suffer very few of the limitations of fluorescent lighting they turn on instantly, there is no special startup procedure, they dont mind being flicked on and off a lot there are many fewer fundamental problems using a dimmer with them. However, I suspect that the integrated power supplies in most LED bulbs are designed so that they cant turn on and off 120 times per second rectifier and bulk cap across the line?. On the other hand, I dont see any reason why such a limitation is necessary, so it will depend on the specific details of each bulbs design, and it is certainly worth experimenting.

I guess if the design allows the lights to flicker with the line voltage, you would have to add 1050% more LEDs to get the same brightness, so there could be a legitimate cost issue or just as likely a completely illegitimate cost issue that companies use to force consumers to pay more for specialty goods.

posted by Chuckles at 9:00 AM on February 20, 2007

A dimmer works by cutting the voltage, which in an incandescent bulb means less current and less energy, hence less light.

LEDs are either on or off, and the transition is measured in nanoseconds. You control perceived brightness in an LED by turning them on and off rapidly anything above a hundred herz and controlling the duty cycle. That gives you much better control over the brightness but it requires control electronics.

The replacement LED fixture contains a power supply converting line current into low voltage needed by the LEDs. If its a switching supply, which it probably is, then reducing the voltage has essentially no effect on how much power it feeds the LEDs, down to a certain threshold. Then below that threshold it cant provide power to the LEDs at all.

Its very doubtful that its designed to start playing games with duty cycle in response to an input voltage drop.

For the pedantic, white LEDs dont transition in nanoseconds because the white light is being produced by a phosphor which is energized by the blue LED behind it. So the ramp time, on both ends, is slower.

posted by Steven C. Den Beste at 9:36 AM on February 20, 2007

Well, technically, I guess you could string a bunch of LEDs in series, and stick that right across the line with a smoothing cap, but that would be very failure prone. Like old strings of Christmas lights one burns out, and there goes the whole string.

I dont think even that would work without limiting current, as LEDs have very low resistance. In addition, LEDs dont have a very high reverse breakdown voltage.

Back to the question, I dont think the dimmer will work at all. Dimmers typically operate using a triac to only let part of the sine wave through, basically. You could probably modify the dimmer and LED circuitry to do the job.

Having said all that, the lights should work fine at the maximum setting, so you can replace the bulbs with the LEDs if you dont mind not having dimmable lights.

posted by 6550 at 9:41 AM on February 20, 2007

Its very doubtful that its designed to start playing games with duty cycle in response to an input voltage drop.

But, triac dimmers play those games for you. All you need to do is allow the power supply to turn on and off quickly, and it will all work out. However, this will lead to a dead time near the zero crossings in the AC line voltage, even when the dimmer is set to full brightness, hence you would need some number more LEDs than you would with a more straight forward design.

posted by Chuckles at 10:13 AM on February 20, 2007

Not an answer, but be careful: a friend replaced the 8 halogen bulbs in his hallway for LED equivalents. They suck they are noticably less bright and the light is very directional, leaving pools of light on the floor. Imagine shining a Maglite from your ceiling. Id strongly advise you to try one bulb first, before replacing the whole lot.

Why Cant I Get Pregnant

Why Cant I Get Pregnant

You know getting pregnant is not as easy as many people make it out to be. It can be difficult for many people trying to start a family of their own. For people that cant get pregnant, this article provides useful tips on how to increase your odds of getting pregnant.

Some common causes of infertility in women are ovulation problems and endometriosis. Women with ovulation problems You get only get pregnant during your fertility period. So any problem with ovulation that prevents the release of an egg from an ovary can affect your ability to conceive. Endometriosis can cause the fallopian tubes to become blocked and can damage the ovaries. However, study suggests even if your endometriosis is severe, you can still have a chance of conceiving naturally. If know you have endometriosis and cant get pregnant then consult a doctor. Dont wait longer than six months of trying before seeing your doctor.

Stop Smoking and reduce stress will increase your chances of achieving pregnancy. Drugs can affect your fertility. It will also affect your unborn child. It is important to stop smoking. Manage weight if you are underweight or overweight; try to bring your weight to a level that is more appropriate for your body.

Having regular intercourse is the best way to get pregnant. You can only get pregnant during ovulation so try to have sex during these period. To get pregnant faster use an ovulation prediction kit. Using an ovulation kit to predict the time you are ovulating will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Dont trust on the Calendar method for determining ovulation as charting and other methods of ovulation prediction can be confusing leading to error in determining the fertility period. Ovulation prediction kits are relatively not difficult to use and are generally accurate for predicting your fertility period.

Many couples are not certain about the right time to have sex. You have a small time frame on each fertility cycle to get pregnant. During ovulation, the egg will survive on only two days where as sperm, will live for up to three to four days. This is why its important to have intercourse a day or two days before ovulation to increase your chances of achieving pregnancy. Its important not to wait until the day you ovulate to have sex.

What is the best position for getting pregnant. The missionary position is a best position to use when trying to conceive. It is best to avoid positions where the woman is on top because it is much harder for the sperm to travel upward. Keep a pillow under your hips for support, try to relax and stay in bed to allow the sperm to stay in the vagina as long as possible.

Its difficult to for certainty how long it will take to get pregnant. For some couples, it may take up to a year to achieve pregnancy. In general fertile couples have a 20 30% chance of getting pregnant each month. About 85% of couples in the general population will conceive within one year or so. Some couples will be able to conceive in the first month of trying, for other couples it can take more than a year before they conceive.

Who Is Phineas

Who Is Phineas

How many people can you think of named Phineas? I really can think of only one. The cartoon character from the Phineas and Ferb DVD that my kids have. The first web site that Google found was Wiktionary. So I clicked on that. What kind of information have for me. Not much I was interested in. It brought up two Greek Mythology references. Phineas was a Phoenician King of Thrace and the second reference was to a Phineas that was the husband of Cleopatra. Phineas and Ferb the characters that I am familiar with from watching many episodes of this series with my kids. I have to say that I am not a big cartoon watcher anymore, havent been for a long time. But when your kids watch a show, cartoon or not, sometimes youre drawn in. When there is a Phineas and Ferb DVD in the DVD player I find myself checking out the TV.

Phineas is

Phineas is a kid genius. He is really the main character in the show, thus the name Phineas and Ferb. His imagination keeps him and his brother in unlimited adventures. He could be building a roller coaster at one moment and building robot clones of himself the next. Wouldnt it be nice if you had unlimited resources like cartoon characters have. In an episode Phineas is building the rollercoaster and they have all the steel girders, wood, and tools they need. They just went down to the hardware store and picked it up.

Check out a Phineas and Ferb DVD. You will have many laughs. This may be a kids cartoon, but just sit down with your kids and watch it for a while. Whats the worst that can happen. You spend some time with your kids. Doesnt sound too bad to me. Catch a Phineas and Ferb DVD and you wont regret the time you spent watching it.

Phineas v. Candace

The great thing about Phineas is that he is always outsmarting his sister without even trying. He gets help many times from Dr. Doofenschmirtz to help his inventions or construction disappear and Candace is left with her mouth wide open wondering what happened.

So, catch a Phineas and Ferb DVD with your kids. Hey, even if you dont get a laugh out of it, which Im sure you will, youll spend some quality time with your kids. That isnt a bad thing in my book..

What do moths eat

What do moths eat

Dust,leaves and liquids and ,I think you shoudn,t harm a moth Just catch it in a Bug viewer give it some food and then, keep it over ,night but while you keep, feeding, the Moth and then in ,the morning give it some, food again keep for, a little bit longer and give the ,Mother plenty of food,then when the Moth won,t eat anymore, food that the moth free , they will eat necter Juice,s and Rotten Fruitdon,t Harm Moths they haven,t done anything to youjust tell me what moths eat because I need to feed mine that I got last night just please tell me please because me and my sister get moths in a moth viewer and we want to feed them now and then we all ways set them that means the moths ffffrrrrrreeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee

Ive been looking EVERYWHERE on the internet for this. I caught a moth like 3 days ago and I really, really want to keep him as a pet lol. So far Ive only given him water and a piece of my one shirt and hes still alive. After doing ALOT of research, the only answers I have come across several times is clothing perferrably things with cotton, nectar from flowers, rotting fruit, watery soil and nothing. Some moths only eat in the larvae stage, however it is nearly impossible to find out which moths do this and to be able to tell which kind of moth you have. So I deffinitally recommend trying all of the above and seeing which one your moth actually eats. My moth hasnt really shown an interest in the clothing I put in his cage, however he loves staying on my curtains, dresser and computer desk. He really does stick his tongue in the water that I give him, so I would assume he drank some. Im gonna take him outside to eat nectar from my moms garden today and wet some of the soil. Tomorrow Im gonna try giving him a banana. Ill try to remember to post if he eats either of those either.

Ive been looking EVERYWHERE on the internet for this. I caught a moth like 3 days ago and I really, really want to keep him as a pet lol. So far Ive only given him water and a piece of my one shirt and hes still alive. After doing ALOT of research, the only answers I have come across several times is clothing perferrably things with cotton, nectar from flowers, rotting fruit, watery soil and nothing. Some moths only eat in the larvae stage, however it is nearly impossible to find out which moths do this and to be able to tell which kind of moth you have. So I deffinitally recommend trying all of the above and seeing which one your moth actually eats. My moth hasnt really shown an interest in the clothing I put in his cage, however he loves staying on my curtains, dresser and computer desk. He really does stick his tongue in the water that I give him, so I would assume he drank some. Im gonna take him outside to eat nectar from my moms garden today and wet some of the soil. Tomorrow Im gonna try giving him a banana. Ill try to remember to post if he eats either of those either.