Html Editor Help and IE Add

Html Editor Help and IE Add

By searching these forums, Ive learned of a couple of easy to use, hand coding editors. So far Ive been using PSPad. Now, being new to all this, and noticing Ive missed singular strokes that screw up the entire line of code my favorite is to miss the / at the end code of a line or paragraph often, so I copy and paste what I have into FrontPage to see the preview. Is there any free, and trustworthy editor out there that lets me see the preview, so I dont have to copy and paste from one program to another?

Also, Ive accidentally stumbled upon an addon for IE that lets me see a sites code, but the reviews keep saying it does bad things if used with IE7. Too late now accidentally upgraded to IE7, and, since, in the long run, its best to set up my sites for this latest Microsoft version for the Internet, its not a good idea to go back to IE6. Nearly all of them do what you are asking.

I use EasyHTML by ToniArts. There are probibly better editors but I stick with what I know.

Try HTML Kit Spelling? and Arachnophillia Spelling?

Any worthwhile editor gives standard tags at a click. No mistakes. You can also set up quite large bits of your own, standard code to place at a click.

See that honey and lemon juce did the trick.

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Sorry about lack of response. Im guessing I forgot to click Subscribe to this Topic and then assumed I did.

Is there any reason you cant just save what you are doing in pspad and open it in IE and then just save/refresh after thats

Vita, do you mean past the concept that I dont know how to do that?!

Laurie, downloading it now. Thanks. Now, Im wondering if PSPad does it too, but I simply missed that part. I swear, as an old Tshirt hubby had said, Of all the things Ive ever lost, I miss my mind the most. Not even honey and lemon can give me my whole mind back. LOL