If You Have Back Pain

If You Have Back Pain

Back pains can increase if you continue to avoid exercise. The latest research proves this. Researchers found that there is a positive response to regular exercise. By regular, they meant exercising at least four days a week.

For the study, 240 men and women with chronic lower back pain were recruited. They were divided into four groups of 60. Each of the group was given a different exercise plan for the week. A fourth group didn exercise at all.

Researchers finished the study after 16 weeks and the group who did more exercise had less back pain. The quality of life improved for those who went to the gym four days a week.

The level of pain decreased by 28 percent in programs that included exercise four days a week, by 18 percent three days a week and by 14 percent two days a week.

According to chiropractors in Orange County, about 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain. Many people live an unbearable and miserable life because of their pain.

Dr. Candice McCowin, of Great Life Chiropractic Wellness in Costa Mesa, knows what you these people are going through. The search for a cure led her to Pettibon, now she is one of a few chiropractors in Orange County who practice this unique treatment.

Using the corrective care or Pettibon System, McCowin can now help patients suffering from head, neck, shoulder and body pain and relieve their misery permanently. This is great news for the people suffering from this constant pain.