Leo Horoscope for November

Leo Horoscope for November 2010

Things will be slowing down now and it looks like the focus will be on the domestic side of life or the private base of operations, over the next three weeks. You may want to beautify your space or help someone with theirs, or improve your work setup in a way more to your taste or more comfortable. Your space may become a welcoming meeting place for others or you could be more the visitor in someone elses.

The home patch and relationships with those in the community in person or over the wires will be highlighted. And you may be coming and going more in the locality. For some of you that may mean the focus is on accommodation, or domestic routines, but also, family, friends or neighbours. There may be much discussion about home or a chatty time at home or not far away. Private matters, anything affecting basic security will be emphasized and the past will have some kind of impact on the present. Memories, and past experiences or people may come to mind more than usual just now, and you may be tying up loose ends from the past. It could also be that you are more than usually sensitive about roots, caring for a relative or questioning your allegiances or your inner sense of belonging. Its likely those in your close circle will demand more of your energy, and you may have to juggle home/family commitments with careerrelated obligations.

Fortunately, Venus is in the most private sector of your chart helping to smooth out any differences with kith and kin. Her presence here encourages a friendly, helpful environment at home or nearby in the locality but things may be a bit slow until the 18th. From the 9th youll want to get into a more creative groove and maybe work on something which brings a reward, something which is interesting and lifts your spirits. Youll be feeling more selfindulgent and ready to party or bolder about taking a risk. You should be feeling more spontaneous and able to express yourself more freely and in a way which gets you noticed in a good way, great for romance or leisure activities or if you are promoting something. Another way this could translate is the affairs of children or animals may be on your mind just now.

Saturns long transit continues to emphasis mental work and demand you work harder on educational activities, dealing with more paperwork or other types of media which is more creative and selfexpressive. Maybe having to be the explainer, the teacher, the coordinater yourself which involves juggling various concepts or communicating with others with differing points of view or levels of understanding. You wont want to waste time on gossip or chewing the fat, but youd rather cut to the chase and bring some structure or meet a criteria or deadline in your communications activity. This energy could also translate as keeping your ear to the ground, listening more intuitively and sensing which way the wind is blowing in the group consciousness. Feeling more pressure to communicate well, or seeking outlets for information or sourcing information which can help you.

Until early next year, Jupiter will encourage an influence which is beneficial and serves to help you out materially. Someone or something is there to give you a financial boost, or pool resources with you. It could translate as a knowledge, a space, funding or equipment which is given or lent or maybe its moral support but a feeling of more security within should ensue. as this position of Jupiter will help you feel cared for and feel more emotionally safe.