Not able to download Simcity

Not able to download Simcity 5

How to create jobs for simcity 5 different wealth classes?

How to create jobs for simcity 5 different wealth classes? Im having difficulties of figuring out exactly which kind/wealth of industries/commercial the different kind of sims work in. It dosnt seem to me that if I need jobs for medium wealth sims and create some more medium wealth commercial.

asked Mar 2513 at 02:46How to upgrade low wealth industrial in Simcity 5? How do I make it so my low wealth/ quality industry upgrade/ increase to a more cleaner medium/ high wealth industry? I know that creating a University in an industrial zone will change it, but What can I do if I dont have a University. show me.

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asked Mar 1713 at 21:54Simcity 5 local vs global trade? any tips?

So are there any tips for Simcity 5 local vs global trade? f you choose trade locally, does that just mean within the city or the region? If the case is that it is just in the city like a suspect, then it seems almost pointless for me to mine coal and ore when i can create technology plants in.

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asked Mar 2013 at 22:38Simcity 5 ambulances are missing? help!!

Hey all, my Simcity 5 ambulances are missing! my ambulances are disappearing from the clinics/hospitals. My ambulance bays are empty but when looking at the health coverage, they are nowhere to be seen. I have only 1 city in my region so they arent going to other cities. anyone else have Simcity.