Quotes On How To Deal With Difficult People

Quotes On How To Deal With Difficult People

We all have to deal with difficult people from time to time. Perhaps it is a noisy neighbor or a bossy coworker. Fortunately, we can draw from the wisdom of the ages to help us gain inspiration. With this in mind, here are some quotes on how to deal with difficult people.

Dealing with negative criticism is the hardest. As Sydney B. Simon once wrote in Negative Criticism, I defy anyone reading this book to tell me that she or he has ever felt indifferent, let alone uplifted, enriched, cheered up, or enhanced when put on the receiving end of a blast of criticism.

Another of Mr. Simons quotes: Thousands upon thousands of us fail to recognize that the knives of negative criticism which people stick in us are just as sharp and deadly as those made of steel and borne by assassins. our society has somehow conditioned us to accept the notion that criticism of all sorts is bound to be good for us. That it will make us more mature. That one of the marks of being a grown up woman or man is the ability to absorb all sorts of critical jabs, barbs, and thrusts. That the more it hurts the better for us.

Its true that many people refuse to listen to completely justified criticism. However, we are being drowned by the selfhelp rules that we must always listen to criticism because it is a gift from people who care about us!

Perhaps sometimes, but not ALWAYS!

The people who are so quick to point out the importance of listening to constructive criticism forget the flipside; that negative people can use negative and destructive criticism as a powerful weapon to break us down!

J. the invalidator actually feels inferior to some other person, so he or she tries to make the other person feel small. Thus, the invalidator can control the victim. everything you do is bad. and the criticizer feels compelled to tell you all about it, even if you dont want to hear it.

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