Selecting Right Call Center Solution

Selecting Right Call Center Solution

VoIP Call Center Solutions improve the productivity of call centers in many verticals. These allow any size call center the benefits of large call centers. The agents get the information in one click window / client instantly, supervisors are able to monitor easily and help customers to be served better exceeding their expectations. Several types of VoIP call center solutions are available in market. One such solution is Obelyx.

Benefits Of Hosted Call Center Solutions like Obelyx allows VoIP Contact Centers to :

?Have customer relationship management as part of the VoIP call center solution that improves the quality of customer service, by providing the information needed instantly on the agents PC.

?Allows agents to increase the talk time by using predictive dialers to skip over answering machine and fax tones. This increases the agent productivity and no additional agents are needed to handle the telemarketing phones.

? Increase revenues by reducing Capex on call center equipment.

?With hosted call center solution the training can be either broadcasted or given while agent is on call using whisper functionality.

?Increase customer satisfaction by prompt and knowledgeable service with skills based routing or transferring the calls to supervisor or appropriate agents to ensure higher level of service.

?Facilitate complex call center functions by providing the necessary tools to call customers add customer information in database and use dialers like auto dialers and predictive dialers to have higher returns.