Review of Online Website Builders

Review of Online Website Builders

I looked into a couple of offerings lately in an attempt to replace the poor hosting I was getting from another web host. I compared 3 site builders:

1. One standard everday hosting option and two online site building options. Prices started at $14.95.

3. Prices started at $9.99 you get you first three months at $4.99.

Each vendor had their strengths:

Homestead had a large selection of designs.

VeryVip offered built in RSS feeds.

Probuildertool offered free forums and link exchange pages.

Ultimately as a programmer I had to go with the tool thatI thought would give me the most flexiblity for the cost and the one that didn look like I built my site using an online site builder. You cannot use third party templates unless you use the hosting only option. The one thing that this site offered that was lacking with the others, was the abilityto truly build a community site and grow from there. Neither Homestead nor Vip offered a forum in thier lower level packages, while probuildertool offered it on the very first level.

Homestead didn offer an option for creating a newsletter at all at any level, while VeryVipHosting offered it only on their top level. Probuildertool offered it on their mid level package.

Email a friend links could be placed on any page in Probuildertool without typing in any code. This was not available with VeryVipHosting or Homestead. flash movies, music, etc., was available for Homestead and Probuildertool, but not on VeryVip hosting.

Homestead, based on the customer sites, was not what I was looking for. They have been in the online web building business since 1998 according to their website and won awards for thier product, but honestly the designs were a little bland. Most likely because the users didn use the software to its fullest potential.

Conclusion on Homestead: This is a very strong product and is obviously geared toward people who have never had a web presence but need to create on quickly or those that may already have a brickandmortar presence.

I got give it to George Little and the people over at VeryVip. If you are trying to start a business online and you are just getting started, their option is the choice for you. If you read any internet guru book, ebook, website or email course you will find everything they recommend that you have on a website as an option on VeryVipHosting. RSS display, RSS publishing, Ad management, content, content, content.

Conclusion on VeryVipHosting: A solid product for the beginning online entrepreneur.

The Probuildertool offered me a lot for only a $9.95 investment per month. They give you just enough freedom to make your site your own. I typed in my information, set up my forums, put in my article source link code one line of javascript and within a few minutes I was up and running.

Conclusion on Probuildertool: Offers a lot of options and flexibility. Great price and gives the experienced web designer enough freedom to create a really unique site.

If you are just getting started on the web or just need a web presence quickly any of these tools can, honestly, do the job. I just found more flexiblilty with probuildertool, but that my opinion. I encourage you to check them all out andbased on your needs choose the one that is right for you.

Yolanda Yvette McDonald is a Christian and a 15 year IT veteran. She holds an MBA in Global Technology Management and has worked in several different industries including Engineering, Government, Utilities, and Insurance.