SitePal Reseller Program Offers Unique Value

SitePal Reseller Program Offers Unique Value

August 25, 2005 In the mixandmatch Internet technology business, the decision to implement a reseller program is a nobrainer. It invariably increases a company brand awareness, provides a differentiated product offering, generates a greater clientele base and maximizes overall revenues. And the new program puts Web hosts in a position to add a new product to their portfolios.

The new reseller program provides Web designers, developers and Internet consultants with a development interface for creating multiple characters and managing all customer accounts within a central environment.

These animated speaking characters, or avatars, can be customized to any Web site, enabling the user to decide on physical features such as hair and eye color, and the ability to add audio messages via texttospeech or voice recording.

SitePal has helped increase sales and customer conversion rates for over 3,500 small businesses around the world, says Oddcast, achieving more than 100 million character streams per month.

The license fee for the reseller program is priced at $149.50 a year, providing a license to resell SitePal accounts to clients. The program provides a 20 percent discount on all accounts, upgrades and license extensions.

Resellers can track their earnings and referral statistics in real time via the SitePal affiliate system, and will also be listed in its reseller directory.

In this saturated industry, the SitePal reseller program provides businesses with the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering a unique tool that will only boost customer service.

provides them with something new to talk about, and say, got this new thing to add to improve business results, says Oren Levy, senior VP strategic alliances for Oddcast.

The program will ultimately solidify the relationship between its resellers and their clients, he adds.

the Reseller implements SitePal on a client site, their client will enjoy an increase in their business results, whether it is registration, purchases or something else says Levy. the reseller that implemented SitePal would get credit for helping improve the success matrix of its client. far, it seems as though businesses are catching on to the program numerous benefits, with a steady enrolment of SitePal resellers signing up on a daily basis.