Nevada Patient Busing

Nevada Patient Busing

The Bee began this investigation after learning of a mentally ill man who, according to sources in the social services community, had been bused from a Nevada state psychiatric hospital to Sacramento, with a minimal supply of food and medication and without any arrangements for his treatment or housing. After locating him in a boarding home in Sacramento, The Bee pieced together James Flavy Coy Browns story by interviewing him at length, tracking down relatives across the country, and talking to doctors, social workers and caregivers he encountered after his arrival in Sacramento. Brown gave us permission to access his confidential medical information.

To put his case in context, The Bee obtained Greyhound bus receipts for the last five years from Nevadas mental health division. An analysis of that data shows that over the past five years, Nevada has bused hundreds of mentally ill patients from its primary state psychiatric hospital in Las Vegas to big cities and small towns across America. Since July 2008, RawsonNeal Psychiatric Hospital has transported more than 1,500 mentally ill patients out of southern Nevada by Greyhound bus, sending at least one person to every state in the continental United States. A third of those patients were sent to California.

Lamptron Brings Out The Hummer

Lamptron Brings Out The Hummer

It was only recently that I first heard of the company Lamptron, so they must have done something right with a recent push in marketing or similar. Before we get on with our review, as not many people will know who Lamptron is, lets introduce them with a blurb from their websites about us page:

Lamptron develops and markets the next generation of high performance computer peripherals using the latest technology that enables a new level of interaction between the enduser and their personal computer. Products developed are through a combination of proprietary technology, innovation and ergonomic industrial design. There are three principal business sectors:

3. Helping our global partners grow, through reliable service, quality products, flexibility and cooperation. This simple philosophy has allowed us to build long standing relationships with global distributors.

Simply put, what all of that means is that they make lots of nice gadgets and gismos for modding your PC. If you are into modding, or are simply wondering what it is that Lamptron sells, Id recommend checking out their website.

So, for review today I have their Hummer 5Port Military Switch Baybus. It has a MSRP of 9.95, which should work out to be $15$20 when it is available to those in the United States in the coming weeks.

When first I opened the package the baybus came wrapped in, the first thing I saw was the black version of the fan controller on the side of the box. I thought it looked very sexy, and must admit I was a little disappointed to find that I had been sent the silver version. Dont get me wrong though, the silver version is still very nice.

Customized training KeyBank Professional Development Center University of Washington Tacoma

Customized training KeyBank Professional Development Center University of Washington Tacoma

The KeyBank Professional Development Center offers upperdivision and graduatelevel workshops and certificates to the public and also develops customized courses for corporations. Educational programming can be designed to enhance the skills and qualifications of employees and potential employees of South Sound public and private businesses and agencies.

Our faculty are geared up to work through the center to offer your employees the customized training they need. A variety of essential, professional topics offered by University of Washington Tacoma faculty are immediately available. Here is a sample of available topics:Marketing and public relationsGIS Geographic Information SystemsThe center is ready to offer workshops and certificates to meet your needs. We can work with you and your organization to set up specific training. If you dont see what you need in the list above, give us a call to let us know what you would like to see offered.

To view the many topics we offer through our business and professional workshops see our current listings.

happening to the will of the people

happening to the will of the people

If the vast majority of Americans are not concerned about what is happening to the Will of the People, they better wake up and start paying better attention to what our elected and appointed officials are up to lately. The concern is the fast moving trend exhibited by some of our elected and appointed officials at all levels of government who are making decisions to not enforce particular laws that they just might not happen to agree with. This, in spite of the fact that they all took oaths of office to support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and, in our state, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or in the various town and townships, their ordinances.

Unless and until the Supreme Court decides that a particular law is unconstitutional, or until a law is changed or repealed by Congress or a state Legislature, or a local council, America as a nation of laws cannot tolerate or sustain its freedoms if elected and appointed officials act on their own to pick and choose just what laws they happen to agree with. This is a very dangerous trend and if not confronted in the near future, the concept of passing laws that express the will of the people by actions taken by their duly elected representatives in Congress and state and local legislating bodies will be severely eroded. attorney general, or attorneys general of our various states, or mayors of our cities, towns and townships, start picking and choosing just what laws they feel like enforcing, and which ones they purposely ignore because they dont like them, then we are heading for dictatorial rule rather than sustaining our representative democracy. If an elected or appointed official charged with enforcing the law doesnt like a particular law, then he or she needs to push to have the responsible body repeal or change it. Its not the prerogative of that official to merely decide to ignore enforcement because of their personal opinion about a particular law.

I urge my fellow citizens to be sure to pay greater attention to this apparent tendency on the part of some elected and appointed officials at all levels of government to act on their own instead of fulfilling their duties when they entered office and took an oath to support, defend and obey the Constitution of the United States, the laws of our Commonwealth, and all the ordinances of our local municipalities. Picking and choosing which laws to enforce based on their personal opinion as to the laws worth is a dereliction of their duties and warrants removal from office. Any official who doesnt adhere to his or her respective oath of office is guilty of malfeasance in office and is a danger to our freedoms and the paramount concept that we will be governed by the will of the people through their duly elected representatives, and not by the whim or personal opinion of any individual acting on their own.

Human Development and Family Studies

Human Development and Family Studies

Human Developments and Family Studies

This dynamic program is designed to help you prepare for work in the expanding human services field. It blends the theoretical underpinnings of human development across the life span with handson, applied practice in community settings. As a unique feature of this program, you will become familiar with the specific human services organizations and needs in Pennsylvania. In fact, we developed this program with input and advice from community and human services leaders throughout the state.

The program is particularly appropriate for those who are interested in pursuing careers in applied psychology and sociology, social work, counseling, and programs serving children, youth, the elderly, and families.

Studentcentered, cooperative learning, and experiential learning are important parts of the Human Development and Family Studies Life Span Human Services Option at Penn State Altoona. Courses emphasize biological, psychological, social/cultural, and economic aspects of individual and family development. Courses in the major also help you develop written and oral communication skills, acquire contemporary computer skills, and participate in team building and group experiences. Undergraduate internships and research projects will help you develop skills relevant to your career objectives. You should expect a high degree of faculty/student interaction.

How To Become a ChaCha Guide

How To Become a ChaCha Guide

s are an integral part of the world most unique Rapid Response information squad, spinning out answers in realtime to millions of people on the go!The action is always fast and exciting for s, whose main task is to match incoming questions with the best available answers. Tap into menus of facts, jokes, news, trivia and more as you keep ChaCha users across the country plugged into the information they need. Whether ChaCha customers need a phone number they left back at the house, a fact to settle a bet, or a quick joke to lighten their day, you ve got menus of great stuff to choose from. The pace is quick and the questions are always lively!Requires: Friendly attitude, desire to help people, and a sense of humor. Fast typing and quick thinking are a definite plus!s are the ChaCha version of the knowitall, the renaissance man/woman, or the resourceful friend everyone calls. You are able to comprehend, research, and answer any question thrown at you, regardless of subject matter.Though you possess many of the same attributes as a Specialist, you enjoy the thrill of the unexpected, and possess the Internet search skills to make you seem like an expert even when you not. You are resourceful with a capital and enjoy helping customers while continually learning new things.Requires: Exceptional Internet search skills, strong general knowledge, good grammar and spelling, fast typing, strong reasoning ability, and sound judgment.You knowledgeable about people, places and things, and have sharp ears to interpret even muffled questions possibly from a crowded subway or noisy restaurant. In other words, you far better than any computer at deducing what our customers are asking, and correctly interpreting nuances and names. Note: This is not like being a telephone operator you hear only recorded audio.Requires: Good ears, good spelling, fast typing, broad general knowledge, and the smarts to figure out what customers are really asking when they call in.

Hate Speech Clauses Repeal Gives White Supremacists Rare Moment Of Glee

Hate Speech Clauses Repeal Gives White Supremacists Rare Moment Of Glee

A Conservative private members bill that repeals part of Canadas hate speech laws has passed the House of Commons with scant media attention, and even less commentary. But its being cheered by many Canadian conservatives as a victory for freedom of speech. And its being cheered most vocally by another group: White supremacists.

Bill C304, introduced by Conservative backbencher Brian Storseth, repeals Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which bans hate speech transmitted over the Internet or by telephone. It passed third reading in the House of Commons on Thursday and is now headed to the Senate.

This is a huge victory for freedom in Canada, a poster calling him or herself CanadaFirst posted on the website of StormFront, a notorious white supremacist group. However, we still have other unjust Zionist hate laws that need to go.

Way to go, Harper. I know we cant get everything we want, but I stand a little taller today as a Canuck, wrote OneMan.

The new law doesnt make hate speech legal on the web or by phone hate speech remains illegal under the Criminal Code.

That has alarmed the Canadian Bar Association, which said in a recent report its concerned that the law may be the start of a campaign by the Conservatives to weaken Canadas human rights laws.

The debate surrounding the expediency of section 13 has become the proxy for an open assault on the very existence of an administrative framework to protect human rights in this country, the CBA stated.

Over the years, human rights commissions have remained at the vanguard of eliminating discrimination based on race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and other grounds, and advancing equality, the CBA added.

But human rights commissions have become bogeymen to many Canadian conservatives, and some others, who have campaigned for years to eliminate them altogether, painting them as bureaucratic tools of censorship.

In one famous case, conservative media icon Ezra Levant was hauled in front of an Alberta tribunal to explain his decision to run controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed in the magazine he ran at the time, the Western Standard.

Levant became a cause celebre for opponents of the commissions, and his decision to republish the cartoons online on the day of his human rights hearing was hailed as heroic by many conservatives.

But all the opposition parties voted against the private members bill in Parliament Thursday, with NDP public safety critic Randall Garrison arguing that it would now be much harder to prevent hate speech online.

We do have a serious problem, Garrison told the National Post. If you take away the power to take websites down, its not clear they have any mandate to even to talk to people about it and educate them about it.

Garrison argued that the Tories are being dishonest by having these laws be introduced as private members bills, rather than government bills, noting that the Conservative Party of Canada made repealing human rights commissions ability to regulate hate speech a part of their platform.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews defended the bill, tweeting on Thursday that the new law will end arbitrary censorship powers of human rights commissions.

Public opinion on human rights commissions is split. An unscientific poll on the CBC website shows a bare majority of people supporting the Tories move.

HuffPost High School welcomes a lively, thoughtful debate in the comment section.

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If you lose your freedom of speech you lose everything! You wont even be able to stand up to the tyranny that oppresses you! I was reading a blog from the UK and people there seem very oppressed these days. In my youth England was Pink Floyd, John Lennon,the Kinks,the Pretenders, people who spoke their mind and changed society! Now they seem like a bunch of Orwelians oppressed and afraid to say the wrong thing! Freedom of Speech is to die for and the world must take a stand for it and not allow cowardly communist to take it away!

Equality does not even enter into when you put out this BS.

However the Charter is very clear on that matter. b if, in good faith, the person expressed or attempted to establish by an argument an opinion on a religious subject or an opinion based on a belief in a religious text; then its not hate speech. Name me any pastors,ministers/clergy who have ever been charged for quoting the bible?

Another example: the Old Testament prohibits homosexuality; the lesson is told of Sodom and Gomorrah. The question ought to be asked WHY was it prohibited? Was it discrimination, or in the days before antibiotics, perhaps the mingling of your private body parts with fecal matter was considered unhygienic. specially when you come home to your bride after doing so.

Why is pork not kosher? In the Biblical desert, your nomadic tribe could be wiped out by a killer parasite because pork goes bad rapidly; we now have stoves and refrigerators, but the prohibition against pork continues, because it was established centuries ago as religious probably as a lifepreserving tactic.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it attributed to voltaire Franois Marie Arouet: 16941778. A quote that has stuck with me since I first heard it in elementary school, and I have lived by it ever since. Freedom of speech is a liberty that all canadians should cherish and stand up for regardless of what is being said. People can and always will say something crude and hurtful to others, but to squelch and prosecute a person for expressing themselves with something as harmless as words, a mere sound, is bigger injustice than whatever can be spoken, I for one support this bill as its one more step in regaining my liberties which come with freedom, Its one of the few things I agree with the conservatives on.

Gigabyte KNXP Ultra Motherboard

Gigabyte 8KNXP Ultra Motherboard

Kitchen Sink Included

This is the third in our series of motherboard reviews featuring Intel 875P chipset. We already looked at motherboards from ASUS and Intel, and we expect to look at a few more before we done.

The 8KNXP supports just about every disc connectivity standard you can imagine:

ATA 100, through Intel ICH5R I/O controllerSerial ATA and SATA RAID through ICH5RATA 133 single or RAID connection RAID 0, 1, 0+1 through ITE 8212F GigaRAID controllerUltra SCSI 320 support through Adaptec AIC7902W SCSI controller, including Adaptec HostRAID 0 and 1. But those other connectors are there, if you need them.

Gigabyte also implements its own version of 6phase power regulation. Out of the box, it a stock, 3phase system, but you can add additional regulation by plugging in the DPS2 card, which also houses a small cooling fan, complete with blue LED. Gigabyte includes the DPS2 in the package, but it use is optional and probably not needed in most desktop systems.

We ran our benchmarks through twice, once with the DPS2 installed, and another with it removed. We saw no differences in either test results or stability. But the 6phase system will probably be useful if you plan on overclocking the system.

Unlike the Asus board we tested earlier the board uses Intel Gigabit Ethernet controller, and can take advantage of Intel CSA communications streaming architecture. This gives the Ethernet chip a dedicated port to the memory controller for network data transfers.

This story is broken up into the following sections:

A tour of the 8KNXPBenchmark Results Final Conclusions and What To Buy You can read through the story sequentially, or just jump to the section of interest using either the links above, or the table of contents below.