Gigabyte KNXP Ultra Motherboard

Gigabyte 8KNXP Ultra Motherboard

Kitchen Sink Included

This is the third in our series of motherboard reviews featuring Intel 875P chipset. We already looked at motherboards from ASUS and Intel, and we expect to look at a few more before we done.

The 8KNXP supports just about every disc connectivity standard you can imagine:

ATA 100, through Intel ICH5R I/O controllerSerial ATA and SATA RAID through ICH5RATA 133 single or RAID connection RAID 0, 1, 0+1 through ITE 8212F GigaRAID controllerUltra SCSI 320 support through Adaptec AIC7902W SCSI controller, including Adaptec HostRAID 0 and 1. But those other connectors are there, if you need them.

Gigabyte also implements its own version of 6phase power regulation. Out of the box, it a stock, 3phase system, but you can add additional regulation by plugging in the DPS2 card, which also houses a small cooling fan, complete with blue LED. Gigabyte includes the DPS2 in the package, but it use is optional and probably not needed in most desktop systems.

We ran our benchmarks through twice, once with the DPS2 installed, and another with it removed. We saw no differences in either test results or stability. But the 6phase system will probably be useful if you plan on overclocking the system.

Unlike the Asus board we tested earlier the board uses Intel Gigabit Ethernet controller, and can take advantage of Intel CSA communications streaming architecture. This gives the Ethernet chip a dedicated port to the memory controller for network data transfers.

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