friends are the best medicine Kicking Your Own Ass

friends are the best medicine Kicking Your Own Ass friends #are #the #best #medicine # #Kicking #Your #Own #Ass # #Pinterest

Pin by Tipsy Toza on Nursery

Pin by Tipsy Toza on Nursery Pin #by #Tipsy #Toza #on #Nursery # #Pinterest

awesome photo bomb Photo Bombs

awesome photo bomb Photo Bombs awesome #photo #bomb # #Photo #Bombs # #Pinterest

photo bomb Photo Bombs

photo bomb Photo Bombs photo #bomb # #Photo #Bombs # #Pinterest

Dose anyone see the girl in the freezer Photo Bombs

Dose anyone see the girl in the freezer Photo Bombs Pinterest Dose #anyone #see #the #girl #in #the #freezer # #Photo #Bombs # #Pinterest

Pin by KimMarie Melnick on Jessica39s sweet sixteen ideas

Pin by KimMarie Melnick on Jessica39s sweet sixteen ideas Pinterest Pin #by #KimMarie #Melnick #on #Jessica39s #sweet #sixteen #ideas # #Pinterest

Pin by April Phillips on Smartie pants

Pin by April Phillips on Smartie pants Pinterest Pin #by #April #Phillips #on #Smartie #pants # #Pinterest

Love the colors My FavsMust haves in my home

Love the colors My FavsMust haves in my home Pinterest Love #the #colors # #My #FavsMust #haves #in #my #home # #Pinterest

I know that feel Brownies are the best Funnys

I know that feel Brownies are the best Funnys Pinterest I #know #that #feel #Brownies #are #the #best # #Funnys # #Pinterest

suit Style amp fashion

suit Style amp fashion Pinterest suit # # #Style #amp #fashion # #Pinterest

Pin by Bekah on Words

Pin by Bekah on Words Pinterest Pin #by #Bekah #on #Words # #Pinterest

not just the name of one of Zara Phillips horses

not just the name of one of Zara Phillips horses

BEING the mayor of one of the most important cities in the universe such as Liverpool is much more than a nine to five job, so its inevitable one would need some support. After all, when youre busy negotiating 14m housing deals before breakfast, you havent got time to be tweeting as well.

That very fact has unfortunately for Liverpools ruling Labour caused something of an embarrassment in the last week. Many avid followers of Mayor Joe Andersons were surprised to find an incredibly frank message posted into the twittersphere stating he hoped London didnt expletive deleted the London Olympics.

The Mayor also assured council staff that someone else managed his Twitter account to keep the masses up to date with all the ribbons hes cutting and power breakfasts hes attending.

The mistake itself was quite a simple one to make: the member of staff responsible who had only recently had their short term contract extended will have had command of both Mayor Andersons and his own accounts, and will have erroneously tweeted a message he intended to put out in his own name even though it may have been an illadvised one for someone in the employ of our esteemed Mayor.

SOMEONE else whos been in a spot of bother over their Twitter outbursts is former Warrington parliamentary candidate and aide to exsports minister Tessa Jowell, Nick Bent.

On May 25, during the Olympic football match in which the South Korean flag was displayed rather than the North Korean one, Mr Bent, in true New Labour style, couldnt help but indulge in distancing himself from all things Red.

Exhibiting the flag of a country with whom the nation has had a fragile ceasefire agreement that has been teetering on a knife edge for nearly 60 years is a bit like playing ZCars as our very own Reds run out onto the Anfield turf, but Mr Bent speculated it was no accident, tweeting: Like to think North Korea flag thing at Olympics was deliberate plucky Scot thumbing the nose at communist scum in Pyongyang leadership?

Similarly, during the furore about the invitation to Buckingham Palace of the king of despotic Middle Eastern country Bahrain during the Jubilee, he tweeted: Enjoyed flicking the finger at Ambassador of Bahrain as his car drove up St James Street. Regime of murdering scumbags.

No plan to surrender Bengal land

No plan to surrender Bengal land

IT major Infosys said it would not give up the 50acre land it has been allotted for its maiden campus in West Bengal, even as the project is to take off due to deadlock over the issue of SEZ status for over 2 years.

The company is open to considering an alternative model with SEZlike benefits for its Rajarhat campus in the eastern fringes of Kolkata, but said it is upto the state government to come up with a substitute to attract investments.

Replying to specific query, Infosys Executive Vice Chairman S Kris Gopalakrishnan said the company would not give up the land provided to it by the state. The state had earlier allotted 50 acres of land to the company for Rs 75 crore Rs 750 million.

On the alternative model for the project, he said: It is not necessary that the SEZ tag is important for us.

Meanwhile, West Bengal Industry Minister Partha Chatterjee said he would talk to Gopalakrishnan about the companys proposed Kolkata project.

To a query about the Infosys project, Chatterjee said: I will meet him Kris Gopalakrishnan.

However, the Minister refused to answer a specific query on whether any alternate plan has been finalised.

Infosys campus is yet to come up because the Trinamool Congressled state government is not keen on granting SEZ status as a policy.

Click NEXT to read more Courtesy, Infosys

SEZ , West Bengal Industry , Partha Chatterjee , Kris Gopalakrishnan , Kolkata

There are places where these benefits are given through SEZs. Any government will like to attract investments. There could be other options. It is up to the state government to figure that out, Gopalakrishnan said.

Besides Infosys, Wipro was also stuck on the similar issue for its second unit also at Rajarhat.

It is a competitive environment, one should understand that, the Infosys Vice Chairman said.

Referring to contentious land issue, he said that big projects required huge tracts of land. In this regard, the state government has a role to play, he said.

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The Survivalists Next Door

The Survivalists Next Door

On a chilly December morning, the Southwick clan is enjoying a lazy Sunday at their house in suburban Salt Lake. Kara, a nononsense mother of six, is about to start cooking dinner spaghetti and meatballs when she realizes she missing a key ingredient. Hey, Braxton? she calls to her husband. Could you bring me two cans of tomato sauce?

Time for a trip to the food store! Braxton Southwick, 41, says cheerily as he bounds down the stairs to the pantry. He flicks on a light, illuminating what must be the biggest stash of nonperishables in all of West Jordan, Utah: thousands of cans of peaches, corn, and soup; shelves of industrialsize bags of sugar; an army worth of Maruchan ramen. And that just the beginning. Stored in other parts of the property are 4,000 liters of water, 1,000 pounds of coal, 14 guns, and 12,000 rounds of ammunition each a crucial piece in the Southwicks allencompassing plan to survive the end of the world. Not to mention the eight chickens in the backyard. The great thing about chickens in a doomsday scenario is they eat anything, Braxton says, smiling. Which makes them ideal for a prepper.

Maybe you heard of preppers. Over the past few years, spurred by fears of environmental catastrophe, economic collapse, terrorism, and maybe just a smidge of antigovernment paranoia, a growing number of Americans 3 million, by one estimate have started preparing for the apocalypse. They stockpile food, load up on semiautomatics, pack socalled bugout bags for when the shit hits the fan or wtshtf, in the parlance. They given birth to a multibilliondollar industry, spanning books, DVDs, survival gear, conventions, even ancillary industries like solargenerator design and bunker construction. And lately, it gone mainstream enough to make it to prime time.1.3 million people watched the seasontwo premiere. Southwick is one of its breakout stars: young, nicelooking, and relatively sane at least more so than lots of other people on the show, like the hefty Tennesseean known as Big Al, who lives for three months a year in his 2,000squarefoot underground house, subsisting on something he calls bunker stew. I not allowed to call them Southwick says. But they are.

Southwick is a former racetruck driver who works as a mechanic. He loves speedboats, fourwheelers, and motorcycles. I just a regular ol Joe, he says, in a voice that sounds vaguely like Owen Wilson Still, get him going on the subject of disasters and he can talk literally for hours all the time acutely selfaware of how ridiculous he might sound. A lifelong Mormon, he believes in the End of Days. But it wasn until 9/11 that he got serious about prepping. Now, he has a plan for any disaster imaginable: an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, an earthquake on Salt Lake Wasatch Fault, the breakdown of the federal monetary system, even another Katrina. Sure, Utah is landlocked but you never know.

But his biggest worry is a biological attack. In Southwick nightmare scenario, terrorists unleash a deadly strain of weaponsgrade smallpox on Salt Lake. It clear. Odorless. Tasteless, he says. It has a 100 percent fatality rate, and there is no cure. All you have to do is pour a jarful on the sidewalk, and within a week, it been passed to 2 million people.

Southwick climbs into his Dodge Ram pickup. He taking me to the cabin where the family plans to bug out in case of attack. If he suspects one has gone down, the first thing he do is text Kara and the kids, ages 13 through 21. If they get 911 three times, they know to come home immediately, he says. In case phone lines are down, they also have walkietalkies. Wearing gas masks, the clan will grab their guns and start loading their caravan: son Treston in the back; Braxton in the middle, towing an RV; son Braxton Jr. up front, driving Braxton old racing truck, in case they need to ram through roadblocks. It sounds crazy, doesn it? he says, shaking his head.

After about an hour and a half, we come to a little town called Fairview. We drive past a locked gate and up a winding, unpaved road. The air is crisp and piney; the view is breathtaking. As we walk around their fiveacre plot, Southwick points out everything he hopes to get in place before they have to bug out: vegetable garden, goat and pig pens, salt licks for the deer they plan to hunt, WWIIera military crank phone, lookout nest. He talks about exit routes and perimeter breaches, and utters the phrase marauding gangs several times. He raps his knuckles on the cabin. These are all real logs. They take a round. He pauses, then gets a sheepish look. Sounds crazy, huh?

Members of the doomsday community don like to be called survivalists. It conjures conspiracy theorists, militias, Ted Kaczynski holed up in Montana. Prepper just sounds better sensible who wouldn want to be prepared?, even upbeat. Still, for all his worrying, Southwick doesn seem that crazy, or even especially paranoid more like an anxious dude who loves his kids and wants to do whatever he can to protect them.

Everything we do is practical, Southwick says. I use all the fuel I store outside. We enjoy the cabin all summer. We preppers through and through, but I still love to have fun, and I want my kids to do the same. I not a guy hiding up in the woods, scared that the government is watching me. And on that possibly notsoremote chance that something catastrophic actually happens? You gotta listen to the crazies. They know what they talking about.

The Beginner Workout Muscle and Fitness Hers

The Beginner Workout Muscle and Fitness Hers

Youre an eternal beginner. You get on a program and fall off just as fast. You skip the gym if its raining. Your problem, however, may not be a weakness of character, but rather not following the right strategy. Pry the snooze button off your alarm clock, because with a little effort, you can adopt good exercise and diet habits, thanks to this plan from Brian Grasso, a trainer and life coach in Montreal.

Mantra: Im Just Not Consistent.

Best lifts: 225pound bench press; Whats a squat?The body and mind are terribly homeostatic machines, Grasso says. They constantly search for comfort and consistency, so deciding to make a slew of changes at once often leads to failure.

Making minor amendments to your daily routine will fl y under the radar of your conscious thought and become positive habits. In other words, if you start so gradually that you barely notice the change, youll be more apt to continue it and make more changes without them ever seeming daunting.

This isnt asking a lot, so try to go at the same times every week. Get used to making appointments with yourself and keeping them. But if you dont feel like working out, dont. Just go to the gym, walk in, and leave if you want. The important thing is that you establish the habit of going. At the very least, change into your workout clothes when you get thereyou can change back out of them and leave right away. In no time, youll be going to the gym and staying to train, and regular exercise will be a part of your life.

I believe in making modest changes to the diet that dont leave people feeling trapped and anxious to return to their old habits, Grasso says. Choose just one meal to eat that youre sure is healthy. Dont psyche yourself out hereuse common sense. Lean meat and fi sh, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and raw nuts and seeds are all fine. Eat what you like the rest of the day. Do this for two weeks and then up it to two healthy meals per day. Continue in that fashion and youll fi nd youre eating healthy most of the time.

Teaming up against organized crime

Teaming up against organized crime

Abbotsford was once groundzero for gang warfare that raged across the Lower Mainland. Police initiatives, including the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit CFSEU, and the Abbotsford Police Department Gang Suppression Unit, have turned the tide. This is a CFSEU and Abbotsford News special report.

Gang violence and murders escalated in the Lower Mainland in 200809, fueled by rival gangs battle for dominance in the competitive drug trade.

Leading this bloody war on one side was the Red Scorpions gang headed by Abbotsfords notorious Bacon brothers Jamie, Jarrod and Jonathan while on the other was the United Nations Gang.

Abbotsford recorded eight homicides in 2008 and 11 in 2009 most gangrelated leading to the city being dubbed the Murder Capital of Canada.

The violence sometimes spilled onto city streets as epitomized by the incident in January 2009 in which numerous shots were fired at Jamie Bacon in broad daylight while he was in his vehicle at the busy intersection of South Fraser Way and Sumas Way.

The Abbotsford Police Department responded to the violence by forming its gang suppression unit GSU in April 2010. The GSUs focus was the disruption and intervention of gang activity, working in consultation with other agencies such as the regional Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit CFSEUBC, which is the provinces antigang police unit.

CFSEUBC is an integrated joint forces operation that draws and develops highly specialized officers from federal, provincial and municipal agencies around the province, including Abbotsford.

Although the Red Scorpions collapsed with the imprisonment of two Bacon brothers, and the murder of the third, the CFSEU and other units continue to operate as other people fill the roles left by gangsters who have been jailed or killed.


The Abbotsford Police Departments gang suppression unit GSU was formed in April 2010 in response to the number of gangrelated murders and violent crimes in the city. When the unit formed, police said their top concern was public safety, as they aimed for a 20 per cent drop in violent gang crime and a 15 per cent reduction in listed gang associates. Those numbers have since been reached. The 14member teams role is to disrupt gang activity, keep tabs on known criminals and make arrests where necessary.

Police Chief Bob Rich has always said the goal is to make Abbotsford a miserable place for criminals to do business. His was the first department to identify the Duhres as a prominent crime group in the Lower Mainland. The GSU works in consultation with other agencies, including the CFSEUBC, to coordinate investigations.

CFSEUBC is made up of police officers from:Other partners include the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Organized Crime Agency of British ColumbiaOCABC, a fully independent and provinciallydesignated police agency.

Student suffered fractured skull after one punch

Student suffered fractured skull after one punch

Zachary Farr, 20, remembered being in Bed nightclub in New Briggate, until the early hours of January 17 and CCTV later recorded him outside a takeaway nearby.

He had a fleeting memory of being in an ambulance and the next thing being in hospital but did not know what had happened, Joanne Shepherd prosecuting told Leeds Crown Court.

He was taken to hospital where the skull fracture was found and he was kept in for 36 hours and treated with a vaccine after air was discovered in the intra cranial cavity.

Majiyagbe left the scene but a week later he returned to the same club where staff recognised him and alerted the police. In interview he made no comment on advice but later contacted the officer in the case and gave an account of hitting Mr Farr, believing he was going to assault one of his friends.

He said he did not intend to injure him, only to neutralise him and said it was the stupidest thing he had ever done and was not acceptable.

Graham Parkin representing Majiyagbe said he was a first class academic student. He had been uncomfortable giving no comment to the police and after seeing the CCTV footage. It was a mark of his contrition that he decided to contact the officer and admit what had happened. At the time he was upset about his hat, which had sentimental value, being stolen in the club.

Majiyagbe, 19, of The Tannery, Cavendish Street, Kirkstall, Leeds, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm and was given a 12months jail sentence suspended for 18 months, with 220 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay 300 compensation.

Judge Neil Clark said he was only able to avoid an immediate sentence because of his otherwise excellent character.

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Sorry for treatment of gay couple

Sorry for treatment of gay couple

The company that runs the shuttle service to the Albuquerque airports rentalcar center is apologizing after a driver allegedly ordered a gay couple to sit in the back of the shuttle bus.

Standard Parking Inc. said it respects the equal rights of all customers and doesnt tolerate discrimination of any kind. It also said the employee was suspended after the company learned in July of the late June incident.

According to a police report, one of the men involved said theyd been holding hands and that the driver ordered them to the back when one of them started to sing.

Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry said he believed the driver behaved inappropriately.

Were out there aggressively making sure this never happens again because this does not belong in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Berry told KOBTV. This does not reflect Albuquerque, New Mexico, and as the mayor Im upset about it, and we want to make sure we get to the bottom of it.

The incident comes as the New Mexico Supreme Court considers a case involving an Albuquerque photography business whose owner declined to shoot the commitment ceremony of a lesbian couple.