not just the name of one of Zara Phillips horses

not just the name of one of Zara Phillips horses

BEING the mayor of one of the most important cities in the universe such as Liverpool is much more than a nine to five job, so its inevitable one would need some support. After all, when youre busy negotiating 14m housing deals before breakfast, you havent got time to be tweeting as well.

That very fact has unfortunately for Liverpools ruling Labour caused something of an embarrassment in the last week. Many avid followers of Mayor Joe Andersons were surprised to find an incredibly frank message posted into the twittersphere stating he hoped London didnt expletive deleted the London Olympics.

The Mayor also assured council staff that someone else managed his Twitter account to keep the masses up to date with all the ribbons hes cutting and power breakfasts hes attending.

The mistake itself was quite a simple one to make: the member of staff responsible who had only recently had their short term contract extended will have had command of both Mayor Andersons and his own accounts, and will have erroneously tweeted a message he intended to put out in his own name even though it may have been an illadvised one for someone in the employ of our esteemed Mayor.

SOMEONE else whos been in a spot of bother over their Twitter outbursts is former Warrington parliamentary candidate and aide to exsports minister Tessa Jowell, Nick Bent.

On May 25, during the Olympic football match in which the South Korean flag was displayed rather than the North Korean one, Mr Bent, in true New Labour style, couldnt help but indulge in distancing himself from all things Red.

Exhibiting the flag of a country with whom the nation has had a fragile ceasefire agreement that has been teetering on a knife edge for nearly 60 years is a bit like playing ZCars as our very own Reds run out onto the Anfield turf, but Mr Bent speculated it was no accident, tweeting: Like to think North Korea flag thing at Olympics was deliberate plucky Scot thumbing the nose at communist scum in Pyongyang leadership?

Similarly, during the furore about the invitation to Buckingham Palace of the king of despotic Middle Eastern country Bahrain during the Jubilee, he tweeted: Enjoyed flicking the finger at Ambassador of Bahrain as his car drove up St James Street. Regime of murdering scumbags.