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Fashion FashampBeauties Plan It calendar 24, one mile west of Waterville, along the Maumee River. Hiking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a shelter house. Bend View: Hike in from Farnsworths Towpath trail; scenic river overlook. Oak Openings: 3,674 acres bounded by Wilkins Road, State Rt. 295, and State Rt. 64. Hiking and horse trails, a lodge and shelter houses, picnic and play areas, and ponds. Pearson: 320 acres on State Rt. 2, Oregon. PackerHammersmith Center, featuring Window on Wildlife and Black Swamp information; walking and bike trails, a shelter house, playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts, soccer fields, and softball diamonds. 24 along the Maumee River, across from Grand Rapids. Hiking, fishing, preserved canal, and picnic shelter. Secor: 600 acres on West Central Avenue, five miles west of Toledo. Hiking, bike trails, nature trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, a planted prairie, and a nature photography center. Side Cut: 393 acres along the Maumee River, lower parking lot on West Broadway, Maumee, and an upper parking lot off the Anthony Wayne Trail. Walking trails on both sides of Broadway, river islands, preserved canal locks, playgrounds, picnic areas, and Fallen Timbers monument. Swan Creek: 417 acres bounded by Airport Highway, Glendale Avenue, and Byrne and Eastgate roads. Entrances off Airport Highway and Glendale Avenue. Joseph A. and John W. Yager Center, featuring Window on Wildlife; trails, fields, bike paths, and picnic and play areas. Wildwood Preserve: 460 acres. Central Avenue between Reynolds and Corey roads. Walking and bike trails, playgrounds, and Robert R. Metz Visitors Center, featuring Window on Wildlife. Give us a Week in ToledoCredit ApplicationPlace an AdOnline Weekly Ad UploadContact Us UsPrivacy Policy Our AdsTerms of ServiceSite MapVisitor AgreementFashion # #FashampBeauties