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Pin by Maura Ress on Fashion pain inside of my penis during erection Im 29 Years old. I have been experiencing this for a few weeks now maybe since mid October. I figured it would just go away by now but I have been having a pain inside of my penis during erection, like a sore muscle type pain, but more pronounced and sensitive before ejaculation. I felt all around it for any plaques or scars or things like that and havent found anything like that, and no bending either but I think I have been imagining it slightly curved more, but that could be all in my head since there are no plaque areas, and I have been closely examining it more. I cant think of any trauma having occurred to it then or ever. The pain feels like the muscle is completely flexed inside almost like it wants to burst especially before ejaculation. I do not have a sexual partner and for the most part have not been masturbating much since I am stressed and busy with work/school. Recently I tried masturbating more frequently to see if I just had build up inside, but so far I cant notice any difference either way. So, I wonder if this pain is due to my having to sit at a computer for many hours at school, and stress, and the fact that I have days where I barely get in a few hours of sleep due to school? I dont like sitting and can feel some discomfort in the muscle that runs from anus through penis. When it is flaccid I have a very slight tingle almost ticklish near the opening, like the way it would feel after sex. So, can anybody help? Thanks. I have to use an indwelling catheter for the rest of my life, and have problems caused by it. At the point of entry at the head of the penis, it is painfully red and inflamed, as well as discharge getting on my clothing every day. I am circumsized, and learned that the protection of a foreskin would keep the area moist and protected from the movement of the catheter. If I lubricate the area, the catheter is able to move freely and this too helps. I have found a temporary solution by using an external catheter with the foley, pulling my skin over the head of the penis while I unroll the external catheter. This helps but after a time becomes painful as well. Would foreskin restoration surgery solve this problem?Pin #by #Maura #Ress #on #Fashion